Stranger Things season 3 is out now worldwide.

Stranger Things Season 3 is out globally now including Pakistan and India. We are very excited about the show.

We will give our reviews in another article, for now, we are going to discuss what we can expect from the series.

Here are some aspects from the previous seasons and we will elaborate how exactly they are going to effect the new season as well.

Eleven and Her Friends All Grown up in Stranger Things Season 3

Eleven has come through a very long way. We have watched her character evolve into something powerful and magnetic. She isn’t afraid of anybody now. She and her friends are ready to face any circumstance thrown towards their direction without any fear.

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Its not only the characters of the show who are growing up too fast. It is the actors too who are growing up rapidly day by day.

The town of Hawkins aftermath

We watched a deadly shadow monster or known as The Flayer in Stranger Things season 2. It was a giant scary spider. It rules the mind of people of the town. It took over the body of Will.

It was so scary to watch but eleven being eleven saved the town once again with the help of her friends. We are going to see the state of mind of the people of this town.

The town and it people have been through a lot. And there is no denying in it. The Hawkins town will shine this year as we are going to witness summer on the show this year.

We will see what kind of surprise and the evil creature the town is going to face this season.

Eleven’s Family

We can expect to see more of Eleven’s background in the future season. We got to see her mother in Stranger Things season 2.

We also got to know who is her father. Finally, they gave identity to eleven. It made her character seem so much more human and sane. It gave her a strong vibe.

We want to see what is she going to do about it.

Can we hope to see more of her family in the upcoming seasons? Are we going to see more of her family? We hope we do see more of her family. We are going to see some new colors of our favorite character eleven and this is for sure.

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Love Interest of Our Favorite Kids

The stranger things kids are growing up too fast. Definitely, they have their love interests introduced as well. It is so much cute to see our favorite kids getting along with each other.

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We all know who is our favorite pair and couple on this show.

Mike and Eleven ha a very interesting relationship. I think it is because the actors are also close in real life as well.

Steve and Dustin’s bond in Stranger Things

Steve has become a major father figure in the series literally. He is always advising people i mean kids around the show what to do or not. We do not have any problem with but we find all of this so cute. Fans all around the world are calling Steve Dad lately. And trust me it is so funny.

In season 2, we saw his close bonding with Dustin advising him. In the future, we are going to see a very mature and caring Steve for sure and we are going to love every second of it.

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Also we are excites to see what new monsters Netflix has or us in this season by the looks of it. We think it is going to be hell of a ride.

Here is the thrilling trailer if you still have not watched it.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.