Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion - Fixed!

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion – Fixed!

Street Fighter 6 is flawless, having a ton of new mechanisms and that good old gameplay with new Modern Controls. That’s the reason, SF6 is simply the king of fighting games as of now. But, some players are having a Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion issue, where the game slows down. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we will be sharing with you methods to fix this issue.

What is the Slow Motion issue in SF6?

Well, the game simply goes in slow-motion mode, where everything is simply slow. No, it is not related to FPS, but a completely different thing. For some people, the game screen simply turns black and after coming back, the game is slow.

No one knows why it happens and no one knows the fix for that as well. In the World Tour Fights, the game is simply badly optimized here. There are a few things you can try out to find a way around, but we don’t guarantee you anything here. Read on to learn about fixing the Slowmotion issue in SF6.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion - Fixed!

Fixed Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion

To address the World Tour slowmotion issue in Street Fighter 6, here are several solutions that you can try:

Increasing FPS

The World Tour is badly optimized and the default is set to 30FPS. Due to this, you might be having the slowmotion issue in World Tour Fights. To go around this, you will have to go to settings and turn that to 60FPS. But, make sure your system can take the heat.

Disable V-Sync

If you already have to set it to 60, but still get slow gameplay, you can disable V-sync as well. Some players have reported that disabling vertical sync (V-Sync) can help you fix Street Fighter 6 Slowmotion and slowing down. Access the game’s graphics options and turn off V-Sync to see if it makes a difference.

Disable DLC

Go to your Steam Settings for Game and from there turn off the World Tour DLC. This will allow the game to compile fewer shaders and ultimately make the game smoother.

Pre-Compile Shaders in Startup

There are two options in Street Fighter 6. Either you can Pre-compile the Shaders at the Startup of the game, waiting for 5 to 10 minutes before going inside World Tour or Fights. Or, you can also Compile Shaders while playing.

While the latter one might look like a good deal, it isn’t in any way or form. The game will have poor performance and all sorts of bugs when compiling shaders while you play.

Simply Pre-compile shaders in the Startup to Fix Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion.

Update the Game

Ensure that you have the latest version of Street Fighter 6 installed. Developers often release patches and updates that address performance issues and bugs. Downloading and installing the latest update may resolve the slowmotion problem.

Adjust Graphics Settings

Lowering certain graphics settings can improve the game’s performance and reduce the slowmotion effect. Try decreasing the Shader Quality setting to Low or experimenting with other visual settings to find a balance between performance and graphics quality.

Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can impact game performance. Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your specific graphics card model. Updating the drivers can potentially resolve the slowmotion issue.

Optimize Power Settings

Ensure that your computer’s power settings are optimized for performance. Adjusting the power settings to prioritize performance over power saving mode can help improve the game’s frame rate and reduce the slow motion effect.

Close Background Applications

Running resource-intensive applications in the background can consume system resources and affect game performance. Close unnecessary applications and processes before launching Street Fighter 6 to free up system resources and potentially improve the game’s performance.

Verify System Requirements

Make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for Street Fighter 6. Inadequate hardware may lead to performance issues, including the slow gameplay of SF6. Check the official system requirements for the game and ensure that your PC meets or exceeds them.

Seek Community Support

Engage with the Street Fighter 6 community on platforms like Reddit, Steam Community, or official forums to seek assistance from fellow players who may have encountered and resolved similar issues. They may provide additional insights or specific solutions that have worked for them.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion - Fixed!

The Verdict

Fighting games have been having an issue of slowing down since the beginning. Even the previous Street Fighter had the same issue and Tekken players reported it as well. It is a common issue in fighting games. Street Fighter 6 World Tour Fights in Slowmotion is caused by a game glitch or bug. A permanent solution is from game devs through updates or patches, but you can try out the methods mentioned in this guide to check your luck.

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