Tasses Rageout Recipe Location Genshin Impact

Tasses Rageout Recipe Location Genshin Impact

In search of the Tasses Rageout Recipe Location in Genshin Impact but not having any luck? Read this article for everything you need to know.

Tasses Rageout Recipe Location Genshin Impact

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What is the Tasses Rageout?

This is a vegetable ragout improvised by Fontainian farmers celebrating vegetable harvests. It restores 22% of Max HP and an additional 1,200 HP to the selected character when consumed. As no vendor sells it, the only way to enjoy this dish in-game is to get its recipe.

Tasses Rageout Recipe Location 

To get the Tasses Ragout recipe, you need to complete the quest, Upon a Flowery Field of Grass. You can find and accept this quest in the northern part of the Court of Fontaine.

How to get the Tasses Rageout Recipe

Accept Upon a Flowery Field of Grass

Upon a Flowery Field of Grass is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. To get this quest, head northwest of the Court of Fontaine. There’s a house here in the middle of nowhere. Outside the house, you’ll see an NPC named Earnshaw with a blue exclamation mark over his head. Speak to him.

The frustrated Earnshaw will tell you about his three missing dogs. Hero, Prince, and Princess. And request your help bringing them back to his house. Accept the quest to begin. 

Guide Hero Home

Your first order of business is to find and guide Hero back home. We recommend starting with this dog, as the other two are close enough that you can guide them together.

Hero is on the far left in front of a bunch of Suspicious Fowls. An objective marker marks its location. This dog won’t move in the presence of food, so collect the Suspicious Fowls first. Then you can guide it back home.

Keep in mind that Hero is extremely naughty and will run if you look away for even a second. Stay close to it and guide it to the glowing spot in Earnshaw’s house.

Guide Prince and Princess Home

Prince and Princess are in the flower field near where you guided Hero back. So guiding them is super easy. There is just one problem. Earnshaw gets mad if you step on the flowers.

If you step on the purple flowers, even accidentally, you’ll be teleported back to Earnshaw. You can try again, of course, but it can be frustrating. To avoid this, use a tall character that can easily jump over the flowers. Or apply Anemo on the clover to create a wind current.

Head to the left side of the flower field to reach Princess. Then jump toward her to guide her back. Pick up Prince along the way and guide them both back to Earnshaw. Then speak with Earnshaw to complete the quest and get your reward.

Tasses Rageout Recipe Location Genshin Impact


Complete the quest Upon a Flowery Field of Grass to get the Tasses Ragout recipe. We hope this guide on Tasses Rageout Recipe Location Genshin Impact helps. As always, happy gaming!

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