Tchia Review - Should you Buy it or not?

Tchia Review – Should you Buy it or not?

We all love those animated puzzle games that have an amazing story to follow and the best character development. Recently, Awaceb introduced a new game by the name of Tchia based on a female character and it got a lot of hype going on. Well, here’s our Tchia Review so that you can put your brain towards whether to purchase the game or not.

What’s Tchia about?

Tchia is an open-world animated adventure game where you can perform various tasks, abilities, and other interactions. It is a Physics Driven Sandbox with an open-world 1 player behind the camera angle.

You can toss around the trees, climb objects, take possession of animals, swim around, become a tire, ride boats, and much about do other amazing stuff. So that makes the game pretty much irresistible.

Tchia Review – What’s the Game about?

New Caledonia Inspired game!

The main theme for Tchia is based around New Caledonia. If you already don’t know what’s New Caledonia, well it is a small island that is just in the Pacific Ocean. The co-founders of Awaceb’s are all around that region.

All the details for Tchia were taken from the landscapes, culture, languages, characters, traditions, music, and richness of that area. So, the main theme here is to showcase the incredible culture of New Caledonia.

Features of Tchia

There are 5 main features of Tchia here;

Features of Tchia – Should you buy it or not?

Soul Jumping

Yes, you can take control over not only other living beings excluding humans, but you can also take control over objects. There are around 30 animals in the game and over 100 objects.

Traversal and Exploration

You can climb over objects, glide, run and explore various places yourself without having any limitations. You can go under the sea and over the sea with your boat and cover long distances.

Every location has its own type of biome and weather. It is just flawless!

Items and Customizations

You can change the appearance of your character and unlock their cosmetics around. You can do so with your objects, and boats and can utilize other items. Some of those items are;

  • Flashlights
  • Cameras
  • Slingshots
  • Compass
  • Weapons
  • There is also a guitar that you play

Incredible Story and soothing Music

Oh yes! Tchia also has that character story and development following the Caledonian Culture. The cutscenes and character interactions are all animated and voiced properly. The local sounds have that orchestral score infused into them that makes the game just 10 times better.

How to Play Tchia?

Not that you know about the game from our Tchia Review, but you might be looking to get the game itself. The only way to play is through Steam Purchase. The game hasn’t launched and is coming soon to Steam with a budget-friendly price range.

Should you Buy the game – Final Verdict to our Tchia Review!

In our recommendation, you should Buy Tchia because it is an incredible game. One way or another, you will enjoy every bit of your free time in the game. It is fun, it is interactive, it is an open world, based on a true culture, has a ton of things to do, and the graphics… they are just exceptional.

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