MTV Teen Wolf Spinoff Series centered on Kira

MTV Teen Wolf Spinoff Series centered on Kira

Teen Wolf is a teen-supernatural drama based on werewolves, aired on MTV and Netflix. The show first aired back in 2011 and ended in 2017. There are six seasons of Teen Wolf and the show ended with its sixth season. However, even after three years, fans are still hoping for a seventh season. There are multiple petitions for a seventh Teen Wolf season by fans.

On the request of Tyler Posey, who played the role of Scott Mccall in the series, a virtual reunion took place two days ago. The show cast was present in the virtual event and discussed the series and what they are doing now. Dylan O’Brien stated that he still has stiles’ Jeep. That pretty much explains how much even the cast loved the show. Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis said during the reunion that he wanted to do a Teen Wolf spinoff series.

The show revolves around a young boy, Scott Mccall who gets bitten by an alpha werewolf and becomes a werewolf. He then learns to control his werewolf nature and adapts his new identity. In his journey, his best friend stiles and a natural-born werewolf Derek Hale helps a lot. Later, he falls in love with a girl who belongs to a hunter family “Allison Argent”. Later new creatures were introduced in the series such as Kanimas, Banshees, Kitsunes, Berserkers. The whole plot revolved around Scott’s pack protecting the Beacon Hills.

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MTV Teen Wolf Spinoff Series centered on Kira

Teen Wolf Spinoff Series finally happening?

As Kira Yukimura’s plot was left unresolved, in Teen Wolf¬†reunion special the creator said he wanted to do a spinoff with Kira. She left with a group of skinwalkers in Teen Wolf Season 5 and was never mentioned again. Stiles started dating Lydia and Scott started to date, Malia. So Jeff Davis wanted to do a spinoff centered on the character of Kira Yukimura. On this Cho said:

Let’s do it. I’m ready.

However, there is no official news on the spinoff show. However, cast members are up for the return of Teen Wolf. Even though the show ended three years ago, Teen Wolf still has a huge audience and the recent Reunion proved that.

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