Teen Wolf is heading to Hulu

Teen Wolf is heading to Hulu

Teen Wolf is a Horror fiction, teen-drama TV Show. The first season was released back in 2011. There are six seasons up till now, and the show ended with the sixth season. The show instantly became a hit after the release back because of its cast and “comedy-drama” genre. The show ended back in 2017 months after another supernatural vampire-based series that everybody loves “The Vampire Diaries”. Both series revolve around the supernatural plot. Teen Wolf was first released on MTV, then later on Netflix and it is still available on Netflix.

Tyler Posey played the role of Scott McCall, Dylan O’Brien played the role of stiles. Holland Roden played the role of Lydia and Tyler Hoechlin played the role of Derek Hale. Crystal Reed played the role of Allison Argent and Colton Haynes played the role of Jackson. 

There is a Good News for Teen Wolf Fans! MTV’s super-natural hit series is headed to Hulu. On March 22, 2021, all the episodes of Teen Wolf will be available on the streaming platform. The show ended back in 2017 but the series still has a massive fanbase and fans are still holding onto the hope of Teen Wolf Revival in the form of a reboot or a new season. In an interview, Jeff Davis said:

Back when Teen Wolf first aired, the network decided to put a ‘To Be Continued…’ on the end of the pilot, I told them we could put those words at the end of every episode. We were hoping to be binged before binging was even a thing. Now that it’s on Hulu, I’m happy it can be found by a whole new audience willing to stay up late to devour as many episodes as possible.

Moreover, Teen Wolf Reboot is also being discussed.

Is Teen Wolf Leaving Netflix?

If you are worried that Teen Wolf will also be removed from Netflix just like The Vampire Diaries, it’s not going to happen any time soon. Even though the show ended, Teen Wolf still has a massive amount of audience that binge-watch the show on Netflix. It’s not leaving Netflix anytime soon.

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