Teen Wolf The Movie Release Date Revealed

Teen Wolf The Movie Release Date Revealed

MTV’s famous series Teen Wolf started airing back in 2011 and ended in 2017. Since then fans had been asking for Teen Wolf Season 7. Tyler Posey played the role of Scott McCall, and Dylan O’Brien played the role of stiles. Holland Roden played the role of Lydia and Tyler Hoechlin played the role of Derek Hale. Crystal Reed played the role of Allison Argent and Colton Haynes played the role of Jackson. Teen Wolf Movie is coming to Paramount+ in 2023. Wolf Pack (Teen Wolf offshoot series) is also coming to Paramount+. Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis has signed a multi-year deal with MTV Entertainment Studios

Teen Wolf The Movie filming was wrapped back in May 2022. However, no release date was revealed back then. Fans assumed that the movie will come out in 2022.

Teen Wolf The Movie Release Date Revealed

Teen Wolf The Movie Release Date

Recently, the release date of the upcoming movie was released. Teen Wolf: The Movie is streaming on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023. Moreover, a teaser was also released on Teen Wolf’s official page.

A new version of Allison

Allison Argent, played by Crystal Reed, is back in the upcoming movie. However, she is not the same version we saw in the series. Allison Argent died in Season 3. Crystal Reed said about her character “We don’t even know if she’s alive. We’re not supposed to tell you if she’s even alive or not. That’s what we got. She’s back but is she alive?” She also said:

It’s been 10 years since the pilot so I didn’t know how to approach her, and also, I can’t give anything away but she’s a version of herself [that] we had to create that as well,” Reed says. “I did use a lot of music, and I was looking into a bunch of things that happen to people’s psyches. And then I watched the show again from start to finish which was really hard for me to watch because it made me sad. But I fell back in love with her which was nice.

In the teaser, we saw Allison trying to kill Derek Hale. Holland Roden said, “There’s nothing we can say about Allison,”. Tyler Posey said:

I was a little scared coming back into it,” Posey says. “It’s been a while. I took some time off and did some music stuff so I was like, do I still have the chops to bring this character to life? I was a little scared. The first day I was with Crystal and I felt really good and settled into the role. Especially as an adult, I’m 30 years old now and coming into it with a different frame of mind, I was able to relax into the role a little more and add some new spice and stuff like that because the character’s also aged. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied coming into it.

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