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Tekken 8 Play Test Beta Fight Lounge Network Error: Can’t Access Fight Lounge!

Tekken 8, the latest in the Tekken series, developed and published by Bandai Namco, has recently launched its player test beta. While the official game release is due in January 2024, these tests are available for players to get a glimpse of what’s cooking from the devs, and it also helps the developers figure out the problems, bugs, and glitches players are facing.

Fight Lounge is the casual or story mode for Tekken 8, that takes players on a different route from the usual 1 on 1 fist-fighting. An arcade, where players can enjoy some time with other human players, hang out, take part in different events, fight different enemies, and earn points to buy cosmetics later on.

However, some players can’t access Fight Lounge in Tekken 8 because of the Play Test Beta Fight Lounge Network Error, hindering the playability of the game.

Tekken 8 Play Test Fight Lounge Network Error: Can't Access Fight Lounge!

Why Can’t I Access Fight Lounge in Tekken 8 Play Test?

As Fight Lounge is a public lobby or hub where players can interact with one another in a multiplayer COOP style, inaccessibility can be caused by either the servers or your internet. It is very unlikely that some hardware or software is what’s causing the issue.

Tekken 8 is in the Play Test Beta, where it is incomplete and is bound to have issues like these, especially related to Network or Connectivity. Therefore, servers are down for maintenance for the most part, and sometimes your internet isn’t doing well.

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Can you Fix the Tekken 8 Play Test Fight Lounge Network Error?

The only thing you can do at the moment is wait for the servers to get back up because the Tekken 8 Playtest Fight Lounge Network Error is caused by back-end issues in the game.

You will have to play the game from the Main Menu, entering the Ranked Match and Quick Match from there. If you enter the Fight Lounge in Tekken 8 Player Test Beta, you will be presented with a Network Error that doesn’t allow you to go multiplayer.

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