Tenet Nolan's New Movie

Tenet, New Christopher Nolan’s mind-blowing movie.

Christopher Nolan is famous for making many jaw-dropping movies. He has made his name in the industry roe bringing new innovative ideas and confusing the audience with new ideas. Just like many other movies based on his mind-blowing ideas Tenet is expected to bring a lot of audiences to the cinemas. Critics have also said good words about his work.

Dunkirk was his newest work. He directed the movie with his whole heart and passion. He is known for bringing the ideas which make you shocked and even questioning every little detail throughout the movie.

Nolan directed “Dark knight rises” and today it is one of the most known movies on the planet. However, Nolan never disappoints his audience. This is one of the reasons he is considered one of the best directors in the industry right now.

His new movie Tenet is going to hit cinemas this year. A short teaser was also released.

Cast of Tenet

Robert Pattinson is also going to play a lead role in the movie. Elizabeth Debicki is also going to be in Tenet. John Washington will play the role of detective. People have high hopes from the movie as it has Robert Pattinson as well. Robert is also going to play Batman soon too. So we are truly excited about this project.

The Plot of Tenet

It seems like John Washington’s character is going to play the role of a government spy. But he is no ordinary spy as he is dead. His team will bring his character back because they want to stop world war 3. So it is going to be an exciting movie. Not only the story seems different and no movie till this date has ever shown anything like this. Critics are already giving their opinion about the movie. It seems like it is going to be like “inception”.

We are excited to see how they will bring a dead man from the dead. How will he contribute to putting end to world war 3? What are the reasons for world war 3 in the movie?


A small teaser is available on the internet of the movie. Tenet seems like a hit. Fans are truly excited to see the movie in cinemas. It is going to release this year.

Release Date

Tenet is going to be released on July 16, 2020. There are many movies coming to the big screens this year including A quiet place 2. So we are going to see how this movie will do at the box office.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.