Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mic Not Working - Fixed!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mic Not Working – Fixed!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a game where you can’t depend on the chat box for communicating with your teammates. Especially for the streamers, who love to play horror games with their comrades and make some spectacular videos for the public to enjoy. All the screaming, the sense of being haunted, and the jump scares make the game a dream come true for game content makers. But, the next thing you is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mic Not Working is a bug that can ruin everything. Don’t worry, we got the right fix for that here.

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Introduction to Texas Chain Saw Massacre

All the Horror Video Game and Movie lovers already know about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Well, the game doesn’t need an introduction for those die-hard fans, but for the newer audience, it might be confusing.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a less horror video game that takes on the asymmetrical Horror movie from 1947, that goes by the same name.

In the game, you start off as the victim, trying to escape the Chainsaw Man and the family of horror. There is a multiplayer experience as well, allowing the friends to play together and enjoy some extreme horror time together.

To get the most out of this game, we recommend you turn off the lights, bump that volume to its max and lower the brightness. Play alone, if you dare!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mic Not Working - Fixed!

Why Can’t I Use Mic in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

There are various reasons for that: First of all, you can’t use Mic because of various programs that are open in the background like;

  • OBS
  • Discord
  • VPN ON

The game doesn’t like the use of VPN, so it will block all communications. It was the VPN, but sometimes it could also be because of the Discord Voice Chat behind.

How to Fix Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mic Not Working

To fix this issue, you will first have to close the VPN and make sure it is not working in the background. Just as we mentioned, it will block all communications because of trouble with VPN.

In case it didn’t fix Mic Issue in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you can just turn off OBS, as well as Discord. Turn them one by one and see which is causing the issue here.

Another thing you can try out is the Xbox Game Bar on Windows. Press Shift+G to call upon the Game Bar. You can also enable it from the Windows Settings by typing Xbox.

Setup your Headset and Mic there in the Xbox Game Bar and restart your system. Check out the things again and play the game. Your Mic will start working in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, fixing the Mic Not Working issue.

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