Can't Turn Off Chainsaw in Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Chainsaw Overload Bug!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Not Getting Skins for Playing

There has been a recent bug in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where you won’t have the Skins Unlocking, as well as, you will lose all of your XP. Well, this does sound quite strange, because who would want both of these things? Here in this guide, we will share details on Texas Chainsaw Massacre Not Getting Skins for Playing.

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Introduction to Texas Chain Saw Massacre

All the Horror Video Game and Movie lovers already know about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Well, the game doesn’t need an introduction for those die-hard fans, but for the newer audience, it might be confusing.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a less horror video game that takes on the asymmetrical Horror movie from 1947, that goes by the same name.

In the game, you start off as the victim, trying to escape the Chainsaw Man and the family of horror. There is a multiplayer experience as well, allowing the friends to play together and enjoy some extreme horror time together.

To get the most out of this game, we recommend you turn off the lights, bump that volume to its max and lower the brightness. Play alone, if you dare!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Not Getting Skins for Playing

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Not Getting Skins for Playing

This is a bug in the game that triggers when you leave before the match ends. In case you leave the match before the match ends, you will not on;y lose all the Unlocked Skins, but also the XP you have gained.

As of right now, there is no way you can fix it. There is one way around it, which is just letting the game match end or staying still till you are kicked out of the match due to inactivity. Just don’t leave the match before it ends.

The Verdict

Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a buggy release, just like the other games of 2023. Recently, players discovered that when you leave the match before the game ends, you will lose all the Skins Unlocked and also the XP you have gained. To go around it, you can simply be inactive in the match. In this way, you will be either kicked out from the inactivity or will be lucky enough to stay in the game for long enough. In both cases, you will be rewarded with the Skins and the XP. Hope this helps!

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