Texas Chainsaw Massacre Stuck in Chatbox Typing Bug

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Stuck in Chatbox Typing Bug

It does sound quite strange at first, but there is an issue in Texas Chainsaw Massacre where you will get stuck in the chatbox while typing. At that spot, you can’t do anything, not being able to move around or send your text. The game still continues though, as the enemies can follow you around, but you can’t run away from them. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you a fix for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Stuck in Chatbox Typing Bug.

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Introduction to Texas Chain Saw Massacre

All the Horror Video Game and Movie lovers already know about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Well, the game doesn’t need an introduction for those die-hard fans, but for the newer audience, it might be confusing.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a less horror video game that takes on the asymmetrical Horror movie from 1947, that goes by the same name.

In the game, you start off as the victim, trying to escape the Chainsaw Man and the family of horror. There is a multiplayer experience as well, allowing the friends to play together and enjoy some extreme horror time together.

To get the most out of this game, we recommend you turn off the lights, bump that volume to its max and lower the brightness. Play alone, if you dare!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Stuck in Chatbox Typing Bug

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Stuck in Chatbox Typing Bug

Just as the name suggests, the game will bug out and you are stuck in the Chatbox while Typing. You can’t move, and can’t get to the close menu. The only possible fix is to simply Alt+Tab out of the game. Close it and restart it.

The game will work fine for now, but in case the issue persists, there are a few things you can go for.

  • Verify Game Files on Steam by right click on the Game and going to the properties. You will find the Verify option in the File Tab.
  • Make sure your game is one of the latest updates, as well as your GPU Drivers or Windows Updates.
  • Disable any Antivirus, as well as your Firewall protection for the game.
  • Check your Internet Connection, make sure no one is using the WiFi, clear the Internet Cache by restarting Router, and connect through an Ethernet.

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