Thanos resurrection by his son in MCU

Thanos resurrection by his son in MCU

Marvel has planned a lot of things for Phase 4 and even Phase 5. We will be getting a lot of our favorite comic characters on the big screen. In 2019, everybody was talking about Avenger’s endgame. It was a wide success all over the world. Everybody was excited about the movie. But the biggest villain of the Marvel world still exists in the MCU. According to some sources, we might be seeing Thanos again on the big screens. There are many theories present that give us insight into how Thanos can be brought back. A lot of new marvel movies are releasing this year, we might see a clue. But, nothing is confirmed yet. We might see him back in phase 5. Nothing can be said about Thanos coming back.

The marvel universe is bringing new characters from the comics. Taskmaster is going to be the villain of Black Widow movie. It seems like Thane can also make an appearance in the Marvel world.

Iron Man Is Back But Not In The MCU

How will they bring him back?

If you do not follow comics that much you would not know about Thanos’s son Thane. Thane is going to bring him back from the dead. We did not get to know how they will introduce his character in the Marvel universe. But with the addition of “Titans” in the Marvel universe, it seems like a possibility.

However, there was not an actual body in the Marvel movie, so how the resurrection will happen? When Iron Man snapped his finger Thanos was turned into dust particles.

Quantum Realm

Thane can Thanos bring through the Quantum Realm. He will travel back into the time to collect all the stones and will bring Thanos back. It is not confirmed yet but this theory can bring Thanos back.

When will we see Thanos again?

Kevin Feige had a lot to say about thano’s character. People like his character and even Kevin likes him.

The answer to why Thanos worked is Josh Brolin, ” he also continued saying:

The reason Thanos is now this iconic movie villain is that they understand where he was coming from is because of Josh Brolin. People put ‘villain’ in quotes when they’re talking about Thanos.

Another is a good chance that we might see him in the upcoming movies.

He also said this regarding Thanos’s fame;

We introduced Thanos for the first time at the end of the very first Avengers film. Joss Whedon wrote at the very end of his draft this little tag where a character turns around and smiles. We didn’t say the name, but fans recognized that purple profile. That was the beginning of planting a flag saying, ‘We could be going here; we could be building towards Thanos.’ People who read the comic books knew that meant building towards The Infinity Gauntlet.

These interviews indicate how important Thanos’s character was to MCU. It changed a lot of things for the MCU world today. We are going to see a lot of new characters in future similar to Thanos.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.