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The Batman: Jeffrey Wright to play Jim Gordon

The Batman is going to hit the cinemas on 25 June 2021. Fans are waiting with all of their attentions. The young actor, Robert Pattinson is hired for the role of Batman. DCEU has been really disappointing for fans. Shazam and Wonder woman are the movies that gained a lot at the box office. DCEU has a lot of expectations from the upcoming movie. However, there is not much about the movie on the internet. So far we only know about the cast of the movie and the release date.

The Cast of Jim Gordon in The Batman

However, this week we got exciting news from the director Matt Reeves. He tweeted the gif of Jeffrey Wright on his twitter. Fans were quick to react ad they became so happy. It was the right choice to cast a black man like Jim. However, it is not because of his color but his extraordinary ability when it comes to acting. He is popular for appearing in the famous tv show Westworld.

However, Jeffery Wright has yet to come forward with his statement. We are hoping that he will accept the role and make the fans more excited and happy to witness a talented actor like him be part of the franchise.

The Batman: Jeffery Wright as Jim Gordan confirmed.

Jeffrey has appeared in many series like Angels of America. He also won tony and Emmy for his appearances in different series. He is truly capable to play this role.

Tweet! #Gordon 🦇— Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) October 30, 2019

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

Fans are extremely happy with their choice of Catwoman. Zoe Kravitz is the perfect selection for Catwoman. Kravitz is the daughter of famous musician Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.

Zoe is as gorgeous as her mother. However, Michelle Pfeiffer used the role of Catwoman in the 90s batman.

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

Anne Hathway also played the role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman. However, Michelle said during this interview when someone asked if she would like to play the role.

“That would be fun,” Pfeiffer said. “Loved playing that character and I felt like I was just finding my groove when it ended.”


The shooting will be started in 2020. But, DCEU and Matt Revees both of them are really quite about the plot and other cast members of the movie. However, fans are completely sure that they are going to make an epic masterpiece.

However, with this amazing cast, we can wait as long as they want.

Robert Pattinson as The Batman

Robert Pattinson became famous overnight when he appeared in the teen flick Twilight. Edward was played by Robert with all of his interests and passion. But the actor got tired and decided that he needs to be part of more mature content. Twilight-star has been doing a lot of indie movies lately. It is good that after so long he is going to appear in a mainstream movie.

Robert Pattinson as The Batman

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