The Best Headphones With Spatial Audio

The Best Headphones With Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio is the ability to create a realistic sound that envelops you, making you feel like you’re right there in the scene. You can hear someone speaking from their left or right side and everything sounds as if they are standing beside you.

Spatial Audio doesn’t just add an effect; it accurately captures and reproduces the direction from which sounds come. For example, if someone speaks from your left, the audio software will play their voice from that same location. If a character walks around a space that has hard walls on all sides and is not separated into different rooms, spatial audio will create realistic ambiances for each direction of movement in addition to creating realistic echoes.

The spatial audio feature has a lot of potential as an entertainment tech that’s still in its infancy. It allows users to fully understand and participate in digital media experiences without needing access to additional hardware or setups. Plus, fake spatial audio lets creators simulate certain environments within games or other media platforms without needing additional resources or settings options. Ultimately, spatial audio is an exciting field that’s ready to revolutionize many industries

Regardless of what you’re listening to, the best headphones with spatial audio will deliver a rich, immersive experience. They are perfect for listening to music, watching TV, and even gaming.

The Best Headphones With Spatial Audio

Sony HW700DS

Designed for music and film soundtracks, the Sony HW700DS headphones are wireless and provide an impressive surround sound presence. They provide heavy-duty bass without distortion and a dynamic mid-range that is beautifully integrated with extreme frequencies. They also come with a separate processor, which is used to localize audio cues effectively.

The HW700DS headphones are compatible with a variety of audio formats. They can accept high-quality audio sources that are up to 192 kHz, 24-bit. They can also support Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Moreover, they come with a small black box called the DP-HW700 digital surround processor, which is used to handle all of the surround sound processing. It includes an RCA analog stereo input, three HDMI inputs, and an optical digital input. There is also an AC adapter power adapter included.

The Best Headphones With Spatial Audio


Several manufacturers are attempting to create The Best Headphones With Spatial Audio. Some obvious choices are Apple AirPods and the Sony SRS-RA5000. But there are some unexpected options. These include the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, which are similar to the QC Earbuds but boast more size savings. Similarly, the JLab wireless earbuds offer up to 32 hours of listening time.

The Bose QuietComfort II also has an active noise-canceling feature. They are also a little less obtrusive than the QC Earbuds and feature an IPX4-rated charging case. The headphones also feature an active EQ, allowing you to customize the sound for a more personalized listening experience.

Bose also has a range of media controls for your headphones. These include the Quiet (ANC)/Aware Mode, which works like Apple’s Transparency feature, but allows you to hear audio from outside your home. You can also use slide gestures to control your music and videos.

The Best Headphones With Spatial Audio


Whether you’re a music lover or a movie fan, Sennheiser headphones with spatial audio can enhance your home entertainment experience. The company’s AMBEO technology, in particular, will bring a whole new level of immersive audio to your home.

The technology allows you to experience spatial audio content through standard stereo speakers. It’s designed to render original immersive mixes into two channels. This means you can experience a full-circle immersive experience without needing home theater equipment.

Netflix recently announced its partnership with Sennheiser to bring spatial audio support to Netflix users. The service will automatically enable spatial audio when you watch compatible movies and shows. In addition, Sennheiser’s Ambeo technology will also be available on all streaming plans, making it easy to experience spatial audio on any device.

Aside from streaming services, you can also enjoy spatial audio on Apple devices. You can turn on spatial audio in the iOS Settings menu. The service will also show you which titles offer spatial audio support. Then, you can choose whether you want to listen to those titles in Dolby Atmos or in standard stereo audio.


Featuring a wireless headset and a dedicated processor, the JVC XP-EXT1 headphones offer an immersive, multi-channel sound field. These headphones work with DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, providing full surround sound while watching movies or gaming. They are comfortable and well-built.

JVC’s Exofield system offers five different sound modes, allowing users to customize the sound for two or more people. Each mode has a different acoustic effect. They can be used to dampen background noise and increase bass or cut or boost the five frequency bands.

In addition to the headphones, the Exofield processor includes a measurement microphone to help users calibrate their ears. The processor stores up to four measurements in its memory. When headphones are used to listen to a surround-encoded soundtrack, the processor processes the sounds and rejiggers them.

Focal Bathys

Designed to deliver big sound with a lot of detail, the Focal Bathys are a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that combine a new ‘M’ shaped aluminum magnesium domed driver with active noise canceling. They also have a DAC built into the headphones.

The Bathys has a number of interesting features, including an app that allows you to control the noise-canceling features. The app also has a five-band equalizer which lets you customize the sound signature. It also allows you to control the LED lights on the outside of the headphones.

The headphones have a built-in DAC which lets you listen to lossless music. They also have a 3.5mm jack for listening to music from an analog source. They’re also Bluetooth 5.1 multipoint which means they can be wirelessly connected to a Bluetooth speaker.

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