The Best Samsung Flip Phones and Features

The Best Samsung Flip Phones and Features

What do the Samsung SGH-X426, Motorola RAZR, and LG VX-600 have in common? These phone models were iconic flip phones in the early to mid-2000s! Before the rise of smartphones, flip phones were beyond popular. Everyone had one and they defined a sense of coolness. There is truth in the saying that history repeats itself. Flip phones are receiving attention again in such a huge way. Today’s flip phones are state-of-the-art and offer flexible OLED screens. They are taking the beloved smartphone experience and making it even better! Continue reading to learn more about Samsung flip phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Launched in August 2022, the Z Flip4 is Samsung’s latest 5G flip handset. One of the greatest benefits of Samsung’s flip series is that the phone models are conveniently small to hold and place in your pocket, yet offer an attractive full-sized screen.

Samsung’s modern flip phones pay tribute to old Samsung flip phones and bring back an ultra-portable experience. The Z Flip4’s compact size is perfect for those who are on the go! You can flip open your Z Flip4 and take advantage of an immersive 120 HZ 6.7″ display. The Z Flip4 offers double 12 MP cameras on the back for excellent photos. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is one of the company’s most durable smartphones yet. Its screen features Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+. Additionally, the phone is water resistant.

The new Samsung flip phone comes in four beautiful finishes: Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue.

The Best Samsung Flip Phones and Features

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, released in August of 2021, is still an excellent flip option for consumers. The phone also features an impressive 120 HZ 6.7″ display when opened. Like its successor, it is a 5G-capable phone. It features double 12 MP cameras on the backside and a 10 MP front-facing camera.

The Z Flip3 comes in four essential colors: Phantom Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender. offered exclusive additional colors including Gray, White, and Pink.

The Best Samsung Flip Phones and Features

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 takes the folding smartphone experience to the next level. With a breathtaking 7.6″ full-screen main display, the Z Fold4 is the perfect hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. The front-facing display is a generous 6.2″ screen.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 boasts a 50MP main camera with 30x Space Zoom! The phone also has an under-display front-facing camera for selfies and video chats.

Z Fold4 features a smaller hinge for a lighter and thinner design. Samsung’s latest foldable device comes in three colors: Gray-green, Phantom Black, and Beige.

Samsung Flip Phones and More

From the Galaxy Z Flip4 to 2021’s Flip3, Samsung has excellent flip phone options to explore. Samsung flip phones are one of many technology topics we discuss.

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