The Boys Season 2 Finale Explained

The Boys Season 2 Finale Explained

The Boys is a comic adapted TV show based on a vigilante team that fights against superheroes that abuses their powers. The show first aired back in July 2019 and is still ongoing. Currently, there are only two seasons on Amazon Prime but the show is renewed for a third. Created by Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen. With Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty. The Boys Season 2 finally came to an end. It was a breathtaking finale with a few major plot twists.

In the previous episode of The Boys, during the court hearing head of people there started to explode suddenly. It was obvious that it was Vought’s doing, but nobody knew who is actually behind it. There were different fan theories, it could be Edgar or it could be the Church. However, it was revealed in the finale that it was Victoria Neuman, who just pretended to be shocked at that time. It is pretty obvious that she is working as a double agent. In the comics, Neuman had some strong ties with Vought but nobody expected her to be the supe behind those head explosions so it was a major plot twist.

So, the most awaited battle finally happened in the The Boys Season 2 Finale. Butcher makes a deal with Edgar that he will rescue Ryan, Homelander’s son in return Vought will let Becca live with Butcher.

The Boys Season 2 Finale Explained

Stormfront vs The Boys

In the promotion video of The Boys Season 2 Finale, it was revealed that The Boys will face Stormfront. The Boys did some preparation to take down Stormfront once and for all. Hughie didn’t agree with this method. However, Starlight convinced him. During Starlight and Hughie’s road trip, A-trip sneaks in their car to provide them with some useful information which he stole from the archives. On asking why A-train is doing this, he says: “I didn’t get this, I was not even here you got this on your own. I want back in and I want that Nazi Bitch gone’. Starlight releases that information in the public revealing the connection between Nazis and Stormfront and that she was actually the wife of Fredrick Vought, the founder of Vought International.

Butcher finally manages to rescue Ryan but couldn’t withhold the deal he made with Edgar so he asks Becca to take Ryan and go without him. However, Stormfront comes there to take revenge. Starlight and Kimiko fight Stormfront but Stormfront had the upper hand. Queen Maeve intervenes, it was 3 against 1 so they finally manage to beat Stormfront but she flees. She goes for Becca, butcher tries to protect her but couldn’t do anything. Becca stabs Stormfront in the eye so Stormfront starts choking Becca and finally Ryan uses his powers. Stormfront is lying on the floor with no legs and her skin ripped off. However, Becca was hurt too. Becca asks Billy to keep her son safe and dies.

Homelander Arrives

Homelander arrives at the scene and asks Ryan to join him. However, Ryan chooses Butcher over Homelander. Homelander was already devastated seeing Stormfront condition. He starts laughing and Butcher was ready to take on Homelander even though he knew that he won’t stand a chance. Queen Maeve arrives and asks Homelander to let them go or she will release the airplane video

A-Train is back in the Seven

A-Train is finally back in the Seven. His betrayal finally paid him some good. However, deep was not accepted in the Seven. Church of the Collective asks Deep to be patient that there was only one slot. They still need to work on Deep. Deep then complains about everything that he had to endure to get back in the seven and still it was not enough.

Hughie realizes that he has to stand up on his feet without relying on anyone else. He asks Victoria Neuman to get him a job and she says when can he start. The Boys Season 3 is currently under development.

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