The fate of Tommy Shelby and his gang in season 5

As the directors promised that we will get to see Tommy Shelby and his undefeatable gang named Peaky blinders will return to BBC and Netflix in 2019.

Still, it is unclear when we will get to see the future of our favorite gang.

Warning Spoilers for TV Series ahead.

Tommy Shelby Can not Have Peace

Thomas Shelby cannot have peace in this world. It may sound a little stretched and a little strange but it is true.

Thomas tried to take a vacation after they successfully killed Luca Changretta and his not too smart gang.

We saw how Tommy truly reacted when he took a vacation. The memories of war still haunt him. He has Gypsey blood and Polly his aunt believes that his restlessness is because he was born as a gypsy.

Tommy Shelby Is Moving Up in the World

Thomas is not scared of any deviations. He will do anything in order to become successful.

Thomas is not afraid to take any decision. His motivated. He started from nothing but now he is motivated and he will do anything to achieve what he wants.

Peaky blinders are going to deal With the darkest phase.

We saw the most traumatizing event in our favorite show and that was Jhon’s Death.

But our favorite gang survived this blow as well. But the viewers believe that we are going to see something dark in the upcoming season.

Michael Grey: Essential Role

Michal Grey is the Right hand of Tommy Shelby. He is most trusted and we see similarities between Tommy and Michale as well.

Michael is smart and he thinks calm. He is close to Tommy.

He has the potential to do something in life.

The actor is the real life brother of Joe Cole who played as John Shelby on the show.


We have been hearing about how communists are danger for Tommyn and his gang.

Sooner or later Tommy shelby has to do something about this or it will cause him somebody’s life.

After Freddy Throne the only communist who is left is Ada and she happens to be thomas sister. And we are dealing some kind of troubles between communists and thomas.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.