The Flash: Iris is stuck in mirror verse till next season

After Crises on Infinite Earths, a lot of things changed in the Arrowverse. Barry loses his connection to Speed Force and, now barry is holding onto a fraction of speed, which eventually he will loose soon too. The Flash Season 6 Episode 19 was not supposed to be the season’s finale. However, due to the pandemic, COVID-19, they had to end it like this. The latest episode “Pay the Piper” was one of the best episodes of Season 6. The villain of Season 7 was revealed in this episode, the moment we all have been waiting for “A speedster villain”. Now, if you are a comic fan, you already know how dangerous “Godspeed” is aka “August Heart”. However, Season 6’s villain is not a speedster, it’s mirror master “Eva McCulloch”.

Hartley and Flash teaming up to take down Godspeed was a really amazing moment to watch. However, that was not the best. The ending was, Cisco is finally headed to Atlantis. Atlantis was first mentioned in Flash Season 2 but we never really got to see it. Now it exists in the Earth-Prime and underwater city might be the key to getting Iris out from the Mirror World. We really hope that they come up with Aquaman for the Arrowverse as soon as possible.

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While Eva McCulloch is Season 6’s villain, she’s not exactly after Team Flash, so a pretty complicated villain. She is after her husband Joseph. Previous villains were always after Flash or Team Flash. However, it’s totally different this time, Iris is basically collateral damage. Eva’s agenda is pretty reasonable too. They are running three stories at once: GODSPEED, Ralph and Sue, Saving Iris, and taking down Eva.

The Flash: Iris is stuck in mirror verse till next season

The Flash Season 6 Finale

The Flash Season 6 Finale “Success is Assured” is going to focus on two things, Barry coming up with a plan to save Iris and Ralph stopping Sue from making a huge mistake.

“There probably isn’t much of her to save” pretty much shows that this experience is going to have a long-lasting emotional effect on Iris. Things are never going to be the same for Iris anymore. As this episode was not supposed to be the last, we are going to be left with many cliffhangers at the end of the episode.

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Iris is stuck in mirror verse till next season?

Yes, it’s confirmed that Iris is stuck in the Mirror dimension till next season. From Episode 20’s title “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” we can guess that Team Flash was going to save her in that episode. Since that episode is not going to air and no longer a part of Season 6 she is not returning in Season 6.

However, we might get to see some glimpses of “How barry is going to get his speed back?” Also, we are going to see the biggest battle ever filmed in the history of the Flash TV series.

Iris stuck in Mirrorverse till next season
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