The Flash Movie: Grant Gustin Might Have A Cameo

The Flash Movie: Grant Gustin Might Have A Cameo

The Flash is another main hero from DC Comics. DC’s The Flash Solo movie is set to release in 2022. However, there is a famous CW Flash TV Show ongoing based on DC Comics. The show first aired back in 2014 and is still ongoing. There are currently six seasons released and the show is renewed for a seventh season. The show’s production is delayed because of COVID-19 but we do have a potential release date of Season 7, which is January 2021.

Ezra Miller Flash is going to play the role of Scarlett Speedster in The Flash solo movie. He first appeared in a cameo in Batman V Superman. He warns Bruce Wayne about the future after the “Knightmare sequence.” Later, he appeared in Justice League which was directed by Zack Snyder and was released back in 2017. However, the fans were disappointed with the Justice League’s first live-action movie. There were multiple scenes missing in the Justice League that’s why Zack Snyder cut is going to release on HBO max in 2021.

“Crises on Infinite Earths”, a crossover series of episodes that happened in DC TV, Ezra Miller made a cameo in the Flash TV series. This created a link between Arrow-verse and DCEU. Well, all they did was compliment each other but this was a huge moment for DC Fans. In the end, Ezra disappears saying “I told Victor this was possible.” The multiverse concept is still new in the DCEU. However, in Flash TV series, Barry has already discovered about the multiverse and ways to travel to other Earth’s. Lucifer also appeared in a Cameo in Crises on Infinite Earths Episode.

Grant Gustin Might Have A Cameo in The Flash Movie

Now as we all know, there is a link between Arrow-verse Flash and DCEU Flash. It is possible for Grant Gustin to have a cameo in The Flash Movie. We Got This Covered claim they have heard that there’s a possibility that it could happen. After Ezra made an appearance in Flash TV series, Fans are now tweeting that Grant should appear in the movie.

Now that Ezra Miller showed up in the Arrowverse, Crisis on Infinite Earths, it seems only fair that Grant Gustin gets to appear as The Flash in a DC movie.


Rumors point to a ‘cameo’ of The Flash (Grant Gustin) of Arrowverse in The Flash movie. The film will adapt the ‘Flashpoint’ arc from comics and can have a special connection with Crisis on Infinite Earths from The CW.

The Flash Movie: Grant Gustin Might Have A Cameo

The Flash Movie is going to follow the storyline of Flash-point. He is going to travel back in time and save his mother from getting murdered. In doing so, he is going to create Flash-point, an alternate reality where his mother is alive. This has already happened in The Flash TV series and in a DC Animated Movie. In the Animated Movie, he traveled back in time and created an alternate reality where Bruce Wayne died and Thomas Wayne is the batman. However, The Flash Movie plot will be different. Bruce Wayne won’t die, in this new reality, Michael Keaton will be the caped crusader.

There is no update on the release date as the production is put on halt because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

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