The Flash Movie Will Create A New Universe

The Flash Movie Will Create A New Universe

According to rumors about the Flash Movie, the upcoming film is going to create a new universe. These rumors suggest that the upcoming movie will remove every movie that Zack Snyder has made for DCEU from its continuity. That means Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavil’s Superman will no longer be a part of this universe.

On Twitter MyTimeToShineHello said:

The movie will erase every movie Snyder has done. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League never happened now. Erased from continuity. Affleck and Cavill are both gone

Ezra Miller Flash is going to play the role of Scarlett Speedster in The Flash’s solo movie. He first appeared in a cameo in Batman V Superman. Ben Affleck is also returning as the Batman. Michael Keaton is also reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming film. The Flash Movie is based on Flashpoint. Barry Allen will travel back in time to save his mother from getting murdered. This will create a new timeline which will be called “Flashpoint”. This movie involves two versions of Batman as mentioned above. The cast includes:

  • Ezra Miller as Flash.
  • Ben Affleck as Batman.
  • Michael Keaton as Batman.
  • Sasha Calle as Supergirl.
  • Kiersey Clemons as Iris West.
  • Michael Shannon as General Zodd.
The Flash Movie Will Create A New Universe

The New Universe

According to the reports and rumors, The Flash movie will introduce a new universe. The upcoming movie will be Batfleck’s final movie. Since in this universe Henry Cavil’s Superman does not exist. Supergirl will be the new Superman. Keaton’s Batman working with Black Canary will train Batgirl and she will be the Dark Knight. A new Justice League will be formed in the Flash Movie.

Movie ends with Flash and Supergirl and Shazam forming a new Justice League.

In DC Fandome, Muschietti said:

We can tell you there are surprises, we cannot reveal what they are. But it will probably blow your socks off…The less we talk about it the better. There’s excitement behind the cameras about those surprises. You better not know them until you see them on the big screen.

This movie is a bit of a hinge in the sense that it presents a story that implies a unified universe where all the cinematic iterations that we’ve seen before are valid

He also said that the Flash Movie will be a foundation for future projects of DC.

The Flash Movie Release Date

The upcoming film starring Ezra Miller is set to release on Nov. 4, 2022.

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