The Haunting Of Hill House: "No plans for more chapters"

The Haunting Of Hill House: “No plans for more chapters”

The creator of Bly Manor says that there will be no more chapters of the “Haunting” series. Chapter one of the show was a great hit on Netflix. The second chapter known as “Bly Manor” got a lot of appreciation from both public and critics. Emotional horror/drama horror movies are getting a lot of appreciation. They have also earned billions of dollars at the box office. Movies like The Conjuring and Annabelle have made billions of dollars at the box office. Emotional Horror is becoming popular day by day. Netflix’s Haunting of Hill house got a lot of appreciation for its characters and story-line. The drama-filled horror series became the most-watched series on the streaming platform.

The Haunting Of Hill House was based on the story by “Shirley Jackson“. The show premiered back in 2018. Bly manor is based on the novels by Henry James, The Turn of the Screw, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, and The Jolly Corner. Bly Manor had almost the same cast as chapter one of the show. Victoria Pedretti, Amelie Bea Smith, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Caria Gugino all returned for chapter 2 of the show as well. They might be part of chapter 3 of the show if they decide to create a chapter 3.

The Haunting Of Hill House: "No plans for more chapters"

No plan for The Haunting Of Hill House Part 3

There is no plan for part 3 of the show yet. Mike is also known for directing “Gerald Game”. However, Mike Flanagan tweeted about the future of the show;

“At the moment there are no plans for more chapters,” he wrote in response to a follower asking about the chances of another Haunting chapter in the future. “Never say never, of course, but right now we are focused on a full slate of other @intrepid projects for 2021 and beyond. If things change we will absolutely let everyone know!”

Trevor Macy working on a Midnight Mass

The executive producer of the Haunty Hill house and Bly Manor is currently working on a new project known as “Midnight Mass”. midnight Mass is a new horror/thriller series on Netflix. Trevor might not be available for another chapter of the show. But, nothing is confirmed yet. We might get a chapter 3, it all depends upon the availability of show creators and producers.

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