The Irregulars:Sherlock Holmes TV Series

The Irregulars: New Sherlock Holmes Netflix series.

Sherlock Holmes was a famous British series. It had Benedict Cumberbatch as well. Benedict is famous for playing the role of Doctor Strange in the Marvel movie. The show was based in Conan Boyle’s book of the same name.

The new Netflix show has a twist and it is going to be different than the previous series. People are going to love this new twist. A group of teenage boys investigating a case for Sherlock is what Tom Bidwell had on his mind for years.

However, there is a new series called The Irregulars in production right now. It is an American series that is going to be released on Netflix.

Tom Bidwell is going to write the screenplay for the series. He had the idea for so long in his mind.

Sherlock Holmes


He said this during an interview with BBC,

“Sherlock Holmes [in Conan Doyle’s books] had a group of street kids he’d use to help him gather clues, so our series is what if Sherlock was a drug addict and a delinquent and the kids solve the whole case whilst he takes credit, “.

He further said that he loves this idea and always wanted to make his idea a reality and bring it to the big screens. He also told about the production company and how thankful he is to Netflix for bringing the show to the viewers all around the globe.

It’s my dream project and my oldest idea (I’ve been pitching it for ten years).”

Bidwell also revealed that he “couldn’t be more thrilled” to be working on the show with the same team he worked on E4’s My Mad Fat Diary with, at production company the Drama Republic.

“Netflix is incredibly supportive of our vision for the show, and it’s allowing us to be very ambitious with the way we’re telling our stories.”


According to Tom Bidwell, there is a small group of teenage boys who work for Sherlock. In fact, Sherlock is a drug addict and he uses the boys for the discoveries and to solve mysteries. He stole the recognition and this hard work.

The Irregulars

These boys are going to solve the mysteries and solve the cases. It is quite opposite to the previous drama series and it is going to be interesting there is no doubt about it.

There is not much about the plot of the series yet.

The Cast of The Irregulars

The series stars Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Killing Eve, The Inbetweeners, Indian Summers ) as Sherlock; and Royce Pierreson ( Judy, The Witcher, Line of Duty) as Doctor Watson.

Release Date of The Irregulars

The series is going to be released in 2020. It is most probable that they will release the series at the end of 2020 or most probably in the middle. It depends. But it is confirmed that we are going to watch the series in 2020 on Netflix.

221B Backer Street Sherlock Holmes
The Irregulars

Sherlock Holmes Ending

Sherlock Holme’s fourth and final season was concluded in January 2017, the ending was really thrilling because we found out that Moriarty, the antagonist of sherlock holmes tv series, was actually part of Eurus plan to find out Sherlock Holme’s weakness. We get to see someone far smarter than Sherlock and Mycroft, and it was none other than sherlock’s own sister, Eurus Holmes. It was really one of the best crime TV series.

Sherlock Holmes Ending
New TV series The Irregulars in Production
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