Netflix The Kissing Booth 2 Plot, Trailer and Release Date

Netflix The Kissing Booth 2 Plot, Trailer and Release Date

The Kissing Booth 2 trailer released yesterday. It already has over 3 million views on Youtube. The first movie was quite a hit on Netflix. Both Joey King and Jacob Elordi became worldwide famous gaining millions of followers on their Instagram accounts.

Jacob Elordi and Joey king back broke up in 2019. It was hard and challenging for both of them to shoot the movie. Jacob Elordi is now dating Zendaya. So, things are totally awkward between Jacob and Joey. But, both of them love the movie and they came back to play their favorite roles. The first movie received mixed reviews. To all the boys I have loved before gave the movie a tough competition. A lot of people sides with To all the boys I have loved before. According to them to All The Boys I Have Loved before had a strong and relatable plot.

But, the new The Kissing Booth is way better than before.

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Elle and Noah’s breakup

The Kissing Booth is based on a book with the same name. So, the readers of the book already know what is going to happen in the sequel.

After Noah went to Harvard, Elle continued her senior high school with her best friend Lee. But, things are not that easy for both of them. Trust issues and Elle thinking about going to Harvard makes things complicated for Elle. She has to choose between her best friend and boyfriend.

Netflix The Kissing Booth 2 Plot, Trailer and Release Date

New guy in The Kissing Booth 2

Things become way worse when a new good-looking guy comes to school. Elle becomes interested in him which makes Noah jealous.

Elle and Lee

The main question in the trailer was whether Elle will go to Harvard or not?

We saw in the trailer how both Elle and Lee promised each other that they will go to the University of California. But things will become difficult for both of them when Elle will reveal that she is applying to Harvard.

It’s the second time Elle has done this to Lee. It seems like she is the only person breaking their friendship rules. She always chooses Noah over Lee. Things are going to be complicated again for Elle and fans are excited to see what will happen.

Netflix The Kissing Booth 2 Plot, Trailer and Release Date

Is Noah cheating on Elle?

It’s another question. Whether or not Noah is creating on Elle. Noah was seen with another girl in the trailer as well.

Joey King on working with Jacob

Joey King said this in a podcast interview

“I know the post-breakup movie can Be challenging, but it’s totally worth it”

It seems like Joey King was totally happy coming back to play her role. She further shared that how doing this movie post-break-up actually showed her capability.

Release date of The Kissing Booth 2

The movie is going to be released on July 24, 2020. It will be released worldwide on Netflix. Fans are so excited about this sequel.

To all the boys I have loved before 3 is also coming out this year. So, fans are asking the same question whether or not The Kissing Booth 3 will come out as well. Nothing is official yet.

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