The Last Faith: Esk Left and Right Eye - True Ending and Boss

The Last Faith: Esk Left and Right Eye – True Ending and Boss

Welcome to The Last Faith – a game where Dark Souls meets Castlevania, an unsettling, yet possible mixture of two themes in darkness and lore. It is a 2D Platforming Game with a solid foundation on lore, love, and cinematics. You set your journey in a castle filled with monsters and beasts, but in the background, you have soothing music and a voice that describes the scenery wonderfully.

In the unsettling world of darkness, The Last Faith has hidden and sacred endings, but here in this guide, we will be sharing with you details on how to get the True Ending and Boss in The Last Faith, possible only by first getting the Esk’s Left and Right Eye.

Find Esk’s Left and Right Eye and Get True Ending/Boss

To get the left and the right eye from Esk, you will have to prevent yourself from killing Lord Patryk. But before you reach that destination, you will have to complete Lady Annika’s Side Quest, and also find the ghost in the mansion of Esk. In Short:

  • Complete Lady Annika’s Side Quest
  • Find Ghost in Esk Mansion
  • Don’t Kill Lord Patryk

Get Mask from Veiled Maiden

Go to The Veiled Maiden, and give her 10k gold to buy the mask from her. She is found in the city of Erlim. Walk down from the stairs and head right, going down and then again remaining on the right side.

Get Mask from Veiled Maiden

Get Esk’s Left Eye

You need to find a ghost that can in return be found through a mirror door in Telwynill Village. This mirror door is connected to the Esk’s Mansion.

Head to the following location in the image below. Go left, dropping down from the stairs. At the bottom, you have to go left, and other will be a massive mirror door.

Get Esk's Left Eye

Walk past the mirror door and proceed to the left side. You will find the boss fight which can get your Esk’s Left Eye.

Get Esk's Left Eye

Get Esk’s Right Eye

To get the Esk’s Right Eye, you will have to defeat the Starlight Beast, and there is an item in the room behind him that gets you the Esk’s Right Eye in The Last Faith.

Get Esk's Right Eye

Getting True Ending in The Last Faith

After you have both the Esk’s Left and Right Eye, you will have to fight the Lord Patryk. Afterward, refuse the throne from Annabella and Caterina, picking a fight with them. These are the last true bosses of The Last Faith.

Note: If you fight and defeat Lord Patryk, you won’t be able to do the side missions afterward. So, we recommend doing that after 100 percent completing the game, because you won’t be able to do that afterward.

Below, we have a video guide to help you as well.

The Last Faith: Esk Left and Right Eye – True Ending and Boss

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