The Order on Netflix is going to give you TVD and Teen Wolf vibes

The Order on Netflix is another supernatural show like Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries

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After The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, a new supernatural is getting the attention on Netflix. The Order is created by Dennis Heaton and the first season aired back in 2019. After the release, the show quickly got fame because of the supernatural plot similar to the famous series Teen Wolf. In March 2019 the series was renewed for the second season. The Order Season 2 released today on Netflix.


Jake Manley as Jack Morton. Sarah Grey as Alyssa Drake. Katharine Isabelle as Vera along with Jack’s Knights of St. Christopher Adam DiMarco, Thomas Elms, and Devery Jacobs.


The plot revolves around a young boy, Jack Morton, who is out to avenge his mother’s death. For this, he gets admission to Belgrave university to join the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. A secret society that practices magic. To join this society, he faces hard trials which he pretty much fails. Some of the recruits die during the tests because of a conspiracy that was going on within The Order. In his journey, he meets Alyssa who is also a part of this secret society. Jack and Alyssa become friends. However, Jack does not get into society, but he helps take down the threat that the secret society was facing. For this act, Society welcomes Jack with open arms.

Jack has something else on his mind, his mother died because of his father Edward, who is basically incharge of The Order. Jack follows his grand father’s plan in order to kill Edward Coventry. However, some complications happen, he becomes a werewolf. Silverback chooses him as the champion and he joins Knights of St. Christopher. Knights of St. Christopher are also the enemies of The Order, so Jack proposes an alliance. He provides them with information in return they will help him take down Edward Coventry. Alyssa and Magus realize Edward is not a good person, to protect The Order, they help the werewolves take down Edward Coventry.

The Order Season 2

The Order Season 2 continues from where Season 1 was left off. Alyssa erasing Jack’s memories of being a werewolf and a member of The Order. However, this doesn’t go as planned. Knights of St. Christophers’ memories keep popping back, so Alyssa returns their memories. This makes Jack angry, his only aim becomes revenge and burning down The Order. The things don’t go as planned, the wolves mess up and face a new threat. Again they propose an alliance with the secret society. They face demons, a new magician and in the end, Alyssa turns to the dark side.

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The Order on Netflix is going to give you TVD and Teen Wolf vibes

Season 2 is better than the first one, because of more comedy acts and suspense. The Order Season 2 ended with Midnight killing Alyssa. Most likely Jack is going to revive Alyssa.

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