'The Vampire Diaries' is Leaving Netflix US

‘The Vampire Diaries’ is Leaving Netflix US

The Vampire Diaries was originally released on CW back in 2007 and became a fan favorite. The Vampire Diaries started airing in 2009 and ended in 2017. There are eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries. The spin-off series The Originals started airing in 2013 and ended in 2018. Currently, the spin-off series of The Originals “Legacies” is ongoing. 

Last year, in November 2020, The Vampire Diaries was removed from Netflix UK and many other regions. However, in 2021, it was re-added on Netflix UK.

According to What’s on Netflix, The Vampire Diaries will be removed from Netflix US in March 2022 while The Originals will be removed from Netflix US in 2023. The Vampire Diaries is not the only show which was removed from Netflix. Netflix removes and adds new shows all the time. Sometimes, Netflix re-adds old shows, just Netflix UK did with The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries will be removed from Netflix US on 18th March. It was already removed from many other countries last year. The Originals is also removed from Netflix UK.

'The Vampire Diaries' is Leaving Netflix US

Why Netflix US is removing The Vampire Diaries?

There is no particular reason why it is being removed. Netflix license to show CW TV shows is expiring and TVD is a really old show now. TVD ended three years ago so it was expected. The show ended in 2017.

However, you can still binge-watch The Vampire Diaries spin-off series “The Originals” on Netflix US. Legacies is still ongoing, and the new episodes will start airing this month.

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