The Forbidden Game

The Vampire Diaries Team in New Fantasy-Horror Series “Forbidden Game”

The Forbidden Game is a series-novel written by L.J Smith. It was published back in 1994. The novel-series is being adapted as TV Series now. L.J Smith was the author of The Vampire Diaries novels also. Its T.V adaption became a hit instantly on CW. The novel adaption into T.V series will be produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and David Madden. However, they are looking for a writer for the series.

What is Forbidden Game about?

It’s a teen fantasy-horror trilogy of novel-series. It focuses on Jenny Thornton, a 17 years old girl, who is living in southern California. She is in need of a game for her boyfriend Tom Locke’s birthday party. Not knowing her life is about to change because of her search. She ends up purchasing a mystery game from a weird store “More Games”. Julian, the shop owner, who is super-natural Shadow Man who brings to life the worst nightmares of those he targets. Julian has been in love with Jenny since she was a child and aim to control her by using his abilities. This series is pretty similar to Jumanji but with supernatural plot-twists.

The Vampire Diaries Team in New Fantasy-Horror Series "Forbidden Game"

Hope Mikaelson is going to die in Legacies Season 3 and fully activate tribrid powers

The trilogy also includes The Hunter, The Chase, and The Kill. WBTV already adopted two other novel-series by L.J Smith into TV Shows, The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. The Vampire Diaries has a spin-off currently ongoing “Legacies” and another spin-off “Originals” ended recently. The Vampire Diaries had 8 seasons, The Originals had 5 seasons and Legacies currently has 2 seasons and is renewed for a third season.

There is not much on cast yet, we will keep you updated.

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