The Vampire Diaries Vs The Originals. Which One is Best?

The vampire diaries released back in 2010. It was released after the success of The Twilight. The success of the movie twilight encouraged small-screen directors and producers to release something like the vampire diaries.

It is based on a book of the same name. The original is a successful spinoff of the show The vampire diaries. Today We will brutally compare both of the series sides by side.

But before e continue. We would like to clear that this article is completely based on authors opinions.

The Plot Of Both Vampire Diaries and Originals

Even tho both of the series are based on the concept of bloodsucking gory handsome looking vampires. But still, the plot of both series is way much different than each other. If you have been the continuous watcher of the show. Then you know what we are talking about.

The vampire diaries are based on more like Teenage Drama of high school. Things change and it becomes darker season by season. We know that they barely showed us anything realistic about High School life. No way, Someone so handsome as Stefan goes to a High school. Kids in High school are filled with pimples and petty teenage disputes.

But we can’t blame Tvd for giving us to gush over good looking dudes and some high school spice. If you compare Tvd and the originals then you will know that even to the concept of both the dramas is the same. But the vibe we get from Tvd is way different than the originals.

Tvd became famous in the teens first then later the concept of the originals caught attention of some newcomers and adults as well.

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but if you watch the originals you will get more mature vibes. No High school, No good looking dudes, right? You are wrong. The originals are packed with good looking vampires but the absence of High School humor.

Which gives The Originals more horror and thrilling effect. No stupid teenagers to die in a stupid High School party? Would like to see a show without this.

Many adults take the side of The Originals because it reflects more practicality than the DVD and we agree on this. But we think we like the humor of tvd better.

That’s why the plot of both shows is way more different and unique in their own way.

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The series is way more serious than Tvd no doubt. I think Tvd is the winner when it comes to humorous lines and heart touching scenes and High School parties Of course.

Messy Love Triangles in Vampire Diaries and Originals

Both of the series are filled with Drama. But it gets messy sometimes. We all witnessed the messy love triangle Between Katherine, Elena, Stefan, and Damon. How every girl wants to be with Damon! Poor Damon. But we can tolerate it a little because it made the show interesting to watch. But as the show progressed it became very unclear what the characters want? Damon wants Elena that’s clear but you will see the character struggling with what she wants. Not Elena seemed confused when it came to love interest. We watched Caroline in the crisis as well.

But when it comes to the original. The love triangles are quite rare to see. The characters are fully sure with whom they want to spend their eternity. So we think The Originals is a winner here.

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Katherine’s Role in Both Of The Series.

Katherine is another thing both the shows have in common after the concept of vampires. Katherine made a brief appearance in both of the shows. But she plays an important part in the vampire diaries. Katherine is rude, bitchy and is not afraid to cut fingers of John Gilbert. Which was quite funny to watch honestly But her vibe in the tvd is completely different compared to the originals.

She is not a threat in The Originals. Her background story is not elaborated in The Originals as well which is frustrating what if someone who never watched tvd is watching The Originals? Yeah, they will get confused so in this matter Tvd is a winner.

Klaus Vs Damon Who Is Better

Damon and Klaus share a lot of similarities. Both the characters are hated by their friends and loved ones but they will do anything to protect what they care about and both men agree on this point only. IF YOU HURT MY FAMILY, YOU ARE DEAD MAN WALKING. So no comparison here.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.