The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 2

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 2 Review

The Walking Dead Season 10 premiered a little slow and people were not expecting that much from the episode second ”We are the end of the world”. However, the show is going into totally different and worth watching.

Spoiler Alert!!! There will be spoilers in this article

The Walking Dead Season 10 E02: How Alpha and Beta Met

Beta is one of the scariest characters son the show. He is incredible and seems evil. Fans always questioned how both of them met and knew each other. However, we saw a flashback story in which Alpha took sanctuary in an abandoned building along with Lydia. They met Alpha there as a scary masked man. However, soon two psychopaths developed an understanding.

The flashbacks really showed the dark side of Alpha and Beta Both. they had a common agenda that they are the Walking Dead. We saw baby Lydia trying to impress her mother to earn her respect. But, we will talk about it below.

Alpha still misses Lydia.

No matter how cruel and ruthless alpha may act but she is a mother after all. The most interesting part was when Alpha told beta that Lydia is still alive. For the first time, both of the characters seemed on a different page.

Alpha still misses Lydia and still have Lydia’s stuffed toy with her. It showed how much she misses Lydia. The most shocking revelation was Beta did not know that Lydia is alive. It means Alpha is soft where Lydia is considered.

Whisperers Will Riot

We do not where the show is going to lead the story or are they going to follow comics this year as well. But, the surprising thing we got to see in this episode was Whisperers consider Alexandria a good place. They are definitely affected by the portray of normality by their community. But we saw Alpha shunning the people saying ”It is all a Fantasy”.

Alpha Showed Mercy;

Alpha is horrible in my opinion. She never shows mercy to anyone and the spike scene was enough to witness that. But, Alpha forgave the woman who had to leave her baby and then the baby was saved by Connie. However, the woman seemed to miss her baby and her behavior became aa little odd. Even after her unfocused behavior which is considered a big no-no in the whisperer world. However, she was forgiven by the Alpha as once she was a mother too.

I do not know about you but to me, this truly showed that Alpha is soft where Lydia is considered.

Will it lead to any Conflict between Alpha and Beta

Alpha’s soft spot is definitely bothering Beta. Who knows this can lead to a conflict between Alpha and beta. Because in the flashbacks, we saw Alpha telling Beta to let go of the past. But, she is not doing this when it comes to Lydia. This is really raising many questions for the viewers and so does for Beta.

Following the same boring trend of the show: The Walking Dead Season 10

The show followed its old tradition of following up episodes. However, fans really enjoyed the Michonne one. However, the creation of gamma seemed unnecessary and Frances’s poor attempt to kill Alpha was a dumb move too. They could have done something else with the character or the flashbacks could have been a little more thrilling focusing on the back story of Beta.

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