This new AI Powered application can diagnose COVID-19

This new AI Powered application can diagnose COVID-19 using Voice Analysis

There are currently over 1,287,300 cases around the globe and over 70,500 deaths because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). First it was China, that was suffering the most because of this virus, as this virus was originated from Wuhan, China. But they manage to reduce the cases to minimum. Now, the USA is suffering the most with over 336,900 cases and over 9,600 deaths.

The main reason this virus is escalating really quickly is that this virus takes around 1-2 weeks to affect someone’s body, so there is no way of telling if someone is COVID-19 positive or negative. You need to visit the test centers physically to get yourself tested, if you don’t have COVID-19, you can get infected if you visit someplace where COVID-19 positive patients were present. The second reason for contagion is, people are advised not to go out and maintain social distancing, but they are not taking the necessary precautions hence helping it spread more quickly.

Thus, Carnegie Mellon University researchers came up with an AI Powered application that can diagnose COVID-19 through voice analysis.

How does this AI Powered Application work?

In this AI Powered Application, people will be prompted to cough while saying different vowels and alphabets. Then this system will analyze your voice and give you a score accordingly. The score is between 1-10, depending on your health. It depends on various factors like lung capacity, cough sound, breathing, etc. We have seen most of the COVID-19 patients face serious breathing issues because the virus affects the respiratory system of the person.

The application is currently under development and also it is not approved by FDA yet.

Is this application Accurate?

No, it will never be accurate if compared to laboratory tests. However, it is better than not getting checked at all. Remarkable efforts by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

AI-based Application to detect COVID-19

According to the team:

We are a team of scientists and engineers who work on voice forensic technologies. Our goal is to develop a voice-based testing system for assessing the risk of COVID-19, that could potentially reach every person in the world. ​Please contribute to our efforts to combat the disease. By contributing a short recording and your COVID status, you will enable us to build audio-based warning systems to help fight the epidemic.

According to Futurism

If it comes from a healthy person, we then have examples of what ‘healthy’ sounds like, If it comes from a person who has some known respiratory condition, we then know what that condition sounds like.

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