Thor Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman To Play Female Thor

Thor Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman To Play Female Thor

We are going to see Thor for the fourth time on the big screens. Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lot in the box for the character Thor. The movie is going to be released in 2022. Due to the corona-virus pandemic, a lot of Marvel movies got delayed. We have to wait for another two years to watch the movie. According to director Taika Waititi, it is going to be a new experience for us. the movie was announced back in 2019 at Comic-Con. However, fans are all excited to watch the female Thunder for the first time on the screen. However, they were planning to shoot the movie in August 2020. But, because of the COVID-19, it has been delayed. Here is everything that you should know about the upcoming Thor Love and Thunder.

Thor Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman To Play Female Thor

Thor Love and Thunder Cast

  • Natalie Portman
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Tessa Thompson
  • Christian Bale

Natalie Portman is going to reprise her role as Jane Foster. She is going to be the goddess and we are here for it. She was last seen in the 2013 version of Thor.

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However, she is going to be back. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor ended a little bit overweight after the avenger endgame. But, the creators assured that Thor will be in shape. Taika Waititi will be reprising his role as Korg in the upcoming movie as well. Korg is a close friend of Thor so we are definitely going to see him in the movie. Christian Bale is all set to appear in the movie. He will be playing as a villain. Christian Bale is mostly famous for his Batman role. He brings perfection in every role so I am excited.

Thor Love and Thunder: Natalie Portman To Play Female Thor


The main highlight of this movie is female Thor, so we are going to see how Dr Jane Foster became the mystical Goddess female thunder. The idea was revealed back in 2014. After all these years we are finally going to have it.

Another twist in the story is Christian Bale’s character as a villain Dario Agger. The minotaur is going to be the bad guy in the movie. Dario is a billionaire and psycho. Christian bale has experience of playing both. Another important question is If Loki will make an appearance in the movie. He died in the previous movie, but they can bring I’m back if they want to at this point. We might see some new characters in this project.

When Will Thor Love and Thunder Come Out?

The movie is not going to be released before 2022. It depends upon the situation these days. If the situation becomes better then we might get the movie early. Due to Robert Pattinson’s COVID news many actors are quite worried about their health and well-being as well. That is why MCU had to delay the projects.


There is no trailer for the movie yet. The trailer will not release before 2021. You might need to re-watch the previous Thor movies. However, it is a good news that we are getting another Thor Movie.

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