10 teenage movies you need to watch

Time waits for nobody and teenage is the golden time of one’s life. To enjoy and learn here we have 10 movies you should totally watch before you hit adulthood.

Dead poets society

Released in 1989, directed by Peter Weir. The movie dead poet’s society shows the life of teenagers in preparatory school Hilton where they come across a teacher named John Keating (Robin Williams) who tells them the true meaning of life and the importance of passion in the human race triggering them to become the best version of themselves.

The Breakfast Club

Critically acclaimed and still favorite of many, the breakfast club released in 1985 directed by John Hughes. The movie revolves around 5 teenagers who ended up being together in detention on Sunday. As they are stuck together they get the chance to self reflect.

Heathers: Best Teenage Dark Comedy Movie

Heathers is still considered the best dark comedy movie. Released in 1985 the movie casts Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The movie focuses on the life of three heathers and one Veronica in high school and how Veronica avenges people which are causing her trouble with the help of her mysterious boyfriend.

Mean Girls

I think we wear Pink on Tuesdays is enough to describe the classic high school comedy casting Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan.

The Duff

The movie focuses on the life of a student named Bianca, how she asks help from a Jock to erase the title of DUFF from her and help her fight schools baddie Madison.

Before I fall

Starring Zoey Deutch. The movie tells the mysterious tale of a teenager named Samantha who keeps reliving the horrible day of her accident.

Love, Simon.

Released in 2018 the movie love Simon got many positive reviews on portraying a life of a normal homosexual guy. Simon gets involved with someone on the internet anonymously. He has to keep this relation hidden to keep people he loves from heartbreak and save his reputation.

The fault in our stars: Most Romantic Teenage Movie

Released in 2014 and is loosely based on the novel by John Green of the same name, got many positive reviews. It is based on a story of two teenager cancer patients they have to live a few moments of their small lived love story before one of them dies.

Freaky Friday

Another classic by Lindsay Lohan. the movie focuses on the life of a teenager girl and her rocky relationship with her mother. But what will happen when they will switch bodies for one day? yikes.

Clueless: Classic Teenage Movie

Again last but not the least, the 9os classic is about a girl named Cher who tries to give a makeover to the nerd named Tai and during the chaos falls for her stepbrother.

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