Top 3 Marvel Avengers Character.

If you are a marvel fan then choosing 3 favorites from all the superheroes of avengers must be quite difficult for you as it is difficult for us too. But based on super powers and strength we have top 3 Avengers for you.

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Captain America: Marvel’s First Avenger

Captain America is the first marvel’s avenger in the movies and comics as well. He is courageous and brave. He wanted to take part in world war even though he was dandy and skinny that proves his character is so strong that even tho he lacks physical strength but still is willing to fight for his country.

And we can say half of the people just like him because of the good looks of Chris Evans.

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Iron Man: Marvel’s Smartest Super Hero

Iron man is one of the smartest marvel avengers. He is sarcastic and keeps the environment cool even though how hard the circumstances are. Tony Stark is not scared of anyone. His strength is his mind and his money. He has a suit of armor for fighting the bad guys.

Some people like the character because it resembles with Elon Musk. Big company and loved by many, especially women, sounds like Musk.

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Black Widow

A black widow is on this list because she is smart and capable. All the men in marvel avengers movies have some kind of power some have equipment and gadgets to help him while some own mystic powers but the Black widow is simply smart fast and capable. She can fight like a man.

She sacrificed herself for the sake of humanity in order to bring them back and to get the soul stone she gave her soul.

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