Top 3 movies of Angelina Jolie you should not miss.

Angelina Jolie is stealing hearts for a decade now. The actress is glamourous and has amazing acting skills. She has done many Hollywood movies and is a fan favorite of many people all around the world. However, its Jolie’s beautiful nature and endless class and rebel that catches the attention of millions of people.

The “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” beauty was also in a relationship with Brad Pitt but sadly their relationship ended in 2015. However, Angelina Jolie is our favorite too and today you will be provided with her top 3 movies that you should not miss at all.

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Angelina Jolie

Release year2001
Time Duration1h 41m
DirectorSimon West
StarringAngelina Jolie, Noah Tyler.

You must have seen or heard about the brilliant game of the same name. the directors liked the idea of the video game and thought to make a movie on it. It was a golden opportunity for Angelina too. The movie did well at the box office too.

The Plot: Lara Croft

The plot of the movie is simple. Lara Croft is a fearless woman. She has skills and moves. However, she will go to the quests to save the world.

Box Office:

The movie did well at the box office. It gained more than 200 million dollars.

Movie Reviews:

Not disastrous, but somewhat disappointing nonetheless.Full review

Simon Braund
EmpireMore like a video game than a movie, Tomb Raider has some great action sequences and the ever-watchable Angelina Jolie.Full review

Nell Minow
Common Sense MediaBuxom adventurer Lara Croft was an immediate hit when she first appeared in the 1996 video game Tomb Raider. A blockbuster film was inevitable.

bob Smithouser
Plugged In

Lara Croft: Cradle of Life (Angelina Jolie)

Release year2003
Time Duration1h 41m
DirectorSimon West
StarringAngelina Jolie, Gerad Butler, Noah Tyler

The plot:

The movie plot for the sequel was thrilling. Lara has to save the pandora box from being stolen or otherwise, the whole world be affected by the deadly insects and diseases in the box.


In 2018, the remake of part 2 ‘s plot was made. The movie got Mix reviews all around the world.

The movie got some negative reviews saying nobody can replace the iconic Angelina Jolie and we could not agree more.

Movie Reviews:

Curiously fun-free, drab and ho-hum, this lacks even the intermittent entertainment value of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Full review

Kim Newman

It has a better plot, better characters, and better acting than the first movie, but let’s be honest: No one is going to see this movie for the plot, characters, and acting. Full review

Nell Minow
Common Sense MediaEven though the first Tomb Raider film was lambasted by critics, video game-inspired treasure seeker Lara Croft returns to her gun-toting, globe-trotting ways. …Full review

Bob Smithouser
Plugged In

Box Office:

Angelina Jolie’s movie did well again as it gained more than 300 million dollars at the box office.

Aliza Fatyma
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