Top 3 Must Watch Chillian Murphy Movies

Cillian Murphy is one of the famous celebrities on the television right now. He is most famous for portraying the character of Thomas Shelby. Before doing the role of Thomas Shelby he also did a number of great movies that need to be appreciated as well. But he is gaining popularity rapidly for playing. Chillian Murphy was immediately selected for the role of Thomas Shelby for his critically acclaimed acting resume.

In today’s article, we will discuss the movies Chillian has done. You will be shocked to hear that he worked with a number of great actresses as well.

Red Eye

The thriller movie released in 2005. Casting Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy as well. The movie has a thrilling plot. A simple girl is going somewhere on a flight. She is a manager in a hotel. Years ago something happens to her as well.

The girl is going to her hotel after attending the funeral of her grandmother. She meets a mysterious guy who is attractive. But soon she realizes that he is working for a terrorist agency and wants her to change the hotel room of the president who is going to stay at her hotel. So the terrorist can easily bomb the building.

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However, Rachel’s character does a strong fight in order to save the lives of the people and the president as well.

The movie gained a positive rating. The movie has a 6/10 rating on IMDb.

Batman Begins

Bat begins also released in 2005. Cillian Murphy played the role of Scarecrow. It was one of the horrifying characters. Cillian played it with complete madness. The role gained many praises for it’s a well written back story. The plot has many twists and it really took the baseman series to a certain height as well.

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But Batman begins has the simple story a bad guy rises and a threat also rises for the city. Our hero saves the city once again for the better.

Scarecrow was played by a lot of mastery. No wonder Chilian was chosen as Thomas Shelby. He gives depth to him every character and this is one of his qualities.

But this the must-watch h movie if you have not yet and you are a big fan of heroic movies.

Anna 2019: One of the best Chillian Murphy Movie

Anna is going to be released in 2019. It is initially released at some of the places. It gained a lot of praise and popularity as well. The movie has a very interesting plot. Chilian Murphy will play as a detective alongside Luke Evans.

Anna is a girl who has multiple personalities. She changes her personalities to do her missions with her own personal agenda.

However, if you are a big fan of movies like these them it a better choice movie for you but proceed on your own behalf who knows that you will fall for Chilian’s incredible acting.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.