Top 3 Selena Gomez movies you need to watch.

Selena Gomez is a well-known name in the music industry. She started her career as Alex on Disney Channel show Wizard of the Waverly Place. Now that she is all grown up and famous. We have top 3 Selena Gomez movies you won’t believe she did.

She has come so far from her Disney channel days and she is absolutely gorgeous. Her acting skills are remarkable.

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everybody absolutely adores Selena. She was named after the legendary Selena Quintilla.

Another Cinderella Story: Selena Gomez

It was one of few Selena Gomez’s early movies. She was still struggling to be dominant and prominent in the industry. But her dancing skills in this movie are amazing. Selena Gomez typically plays the role of a teenage girl. Who’s stepmother and sisters are not fair to her and she ends up falling for a popular celebrity student. The plot is not something unique but Selena ‘s baby face and truly surprising dancing moves.

Selena hardly dances now. Fans loved her dancing scenes in the movie and believe us she marvelous.

This scene is beautifully shot. Selena Gomez dancing is something we would like to watch maybe in her next music video.

Selena still loves to dance and to her, it is the hobby she will never give up on. In her interview with Vogue magazine, she told that she will never give up on this hobby. She is remarkably talented.

Well Selena Gomez is good at everything she does we guess.

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Princess Protection Program: Selena Gomez

This movie is an old gem. Starring Selena Gomez and the world famous pop star Demi Lovato. You won’t believe they were so close before Taylor Swift came into her life. Both of the females are not friends anymore and things are quite complicated between them.

The film is about a Princess. when her kingdom falls she is taken under the princess protection program where she is taught how to behave like a normal teenager for her own protection. This movie is hilarious. And it will take you to.the rode of your amazing childhood memories.

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Absolutely cute baby faced Demi and Selena. A perfect movie to watch on your girl’s movie night.

Monte Carlo

Another remarkable movie was done by beautiful Selena. The plot if the movie is too much interesting to watch.

Three girls go on a trip to Paris but soon they get bored there because they cannot afford the luxury of Paris. But then a miracle happens and one of the girl is mistaken for someone else.

The movie is generally funny and again remarkable acting skills of Selena Gomez is something we loved watching. The movie received positive reviews and also did a good job at the box office too.

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Selena is marvelous whether is music industry or film. She is loved by many. She has a very loyal fan base.

The actress is also the inspiration for many as she is currently working on Lupus awareness. She is beautifully battling with her disease.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.