Top 4 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio, Must Watch !!

Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of the most reliable on-screen characters working today as a large portion of his movies earns basic recognition and film industry achievement.

Whatsoever character he plays; he has been our utmost favorite.

Leonardo DiCaprio has progressed significantly since his spell on the TV arrangement Growing Pains. Leonardo DiCaprio began his motion picture vocation playing pained young people in movies like This Boy’s Life and The Basketball Diaries.

Once upon a time in hollywood leo and brad

After the accomplishment of Romeo and Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio handled his greatest job by playing Jack Dawson in Titanic. Titanic proceeded to win a Best Picture Oscar and is the second most astounding netting film ever when seeing a domestic film industry net.

Here is the list Top 4 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio that you should watch

Titanic: Action Packed/Romance Leonardo DiCaprio Movie

Release year 1997
Genre Drama/Disaster
Time Duration 3h 15m
Director James Cameron
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane 

Leo’s most prominent film execution ever is playing Jack Dawson in the award-winning 1997 movie Titanic.

This record-breaking motion picture that paralyzed millions over the globe made a social wonder. Other than the unfortunate story of the lamentable ship, there’s likewise Leo and Kate’s science that dazzles the crowd.

There is no uncertainty that this film set the bar for Leo’s profession. It’s perhaps the best motion picture to leave Hollywood over the most recent 20 years.

Titanic was the most astounding netting film in American history. This romantic tale reverberated profoundly with spectators. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play enthusiastic, star-crossed darlings from inconceivably various degrees of riches.

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The Departed

Release year 2006
Genre Drama/Mystery
Time Duration 2h 31m
Director Martin Scorsese
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson

One of the most exceptional roles that Leo has ever had was assuming the job of Billy Costigan as a cop penetrating the crowd.

Together with Matt Damon as a mobster invading the police power, the film is a complicated and captivating story of contending wait-and-see games.

Seeing Leo’s presentation here is extremely exceptional. He seems extremely unglamorous as an edgy man who nearly loses his character. This is one of his untouched extraordinary exhibitions.

It is an entirely fulfilling film with—a long way from an average common redo.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Release year 2013
Genre Drama/Comedy
Time Duration 3 hours
Director Martin Scorsese
Starring  Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie

At no other time or after has DiCaprio changed for a role the manner in which he accomplished for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Another stunning historical picture by Scorsese—a relative particularly of his prior Goodfellas and Casino—DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Belfort struck it wealthy in the speculation business by utilizing his regular allure to delude damn close everybody around him.

Leonardo DiCaprio invested a lot of energy with the genuine Belfort and this exertion was not futile. It might just be outstanding amongst other individual exhibitions from anybody in 21st-century film up until now.

Gangs of New York

Release year 2002
Genre Drama/Crime
Time Duration 2h 48m
Director Martin Scorsese
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Day-Lewis |

Gangs of New York denotes the first of numerous coordinated efforts between Martin Scorsese and DiCaprio. In view of the book of a similar name, Scorsese resuscitates a long-dead pre-Civil War universe of early composed wrongdoing in the Five Points.

There are two warrings possess, one of Irish Catholic workers and the other of Protestant nativists.

At the point when the pioneer of the nativists, Bill the Butcher (Daniel Day-Lewis) kills the pioneer of the Irish Catholics (Liam Neeson), his young child (Leonardo DiCaprio) escapes and returns years after the fact to look for vengeance. It frequently gets overlooked among the best of Scorsese’s movies however it is completely beneficial regardless.

Do watch these 4 movies if you haven’t yet!

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