Top 5 Best 3D Animated PC Games 2023

Top 5 Best 3D Animated PC Games 2023

Hey gamers! I’m super excited to share the lowdown on the “Top 5 Best 3D Animated PC Games 2023” Picture awesome graphics and games that totally sweep you into their own fantastic universe. As I explored the gaming scene, these top picks stood out for their mind-blowing visuals and crazy adventures. So, if you’re ready to level up your gaming experience, let’s dive into this detailed guide of the coolest 3D animated games coming our way in 2023.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

One of the best games of 2023 and also the pinnacle of 3D Animation. It is an action-adventure game set in the Hyrule, a wonderful place filled with mystery, greenery, and technological revolution.

While each and every aspect of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is something to write about, the difference between this and its predecessors is the building mechanism that allows players to engage themselves in endless imagination, and construct anything they want by joining materials.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Best 3D Animated Game with Visuals and Adventure

Street Fighter 6

If anyone knows how to combine 3D Animation and Fighting, then it is definitely Capcom, as seen in their latest Street Fighter 6 in 2023.

The game got a lot of recognition, even dethroning every other fighter game when it comes to most sales. Ryu has converted from that angry boy to a mature and humble adult, teaching the arts onwards.

The best aspect of the game is definitely the graphics over the previous Street Fighter, as the character modeling is outwardly and the few perks related to the characters are worth noting.

Street Fighter 6 - Best 3D Animated Fighter Game on PC

Honkai Star Rail

Everyone knows Genshin Impact by now and Hoyoverse, the developers and publishers of the game set their mark on a new entry – Honkai Star Rail.

One of the Best 3D Animated Games to Exist on PC, especially in the Gacha genre of games, but the difference between HSR (Honkai Star Rail), and Genshin Impact is the combat style.

Genshin has a free-style combat while HSR has a turn-based, just like other Gacha games.

Besides this, the characters are quirky, wonderfully animated, and designed. You can see the same art style here as seen in Genshin, as we all love to witness and play with.

Honkai Star Rail - Best 3D Animated Gacha Game on PC

One Piece Odyssey

For the fans of Anime and Manga, we have here One Piece Odyssey, a once-in-a-decade game that pushes the limits of what animators can do here.

Unlike many Anime games, One Piece Odyssey is an action RPG based on One Piece, where you witness the Straw Hat crew and their captain Monkey D Luffy set sail into the New World adventure.

Just like One Piece, Odyssey has a funky-looking animation with soothed edges and beautiful animation that we all love to enjoy.

One Piece Odyssey - Best 3D Animated Anime Game on PC

My Hero Ultra Rumble

This game deserves some recognition when we are talking about the Top 5 Best 3D Animated PC Games of 2023.

My Hero Ultra Rumble (MHUR) is based on My Hero Academia anime/manga, one of the most popular in the US, as well as around the globe.

Unlike other anime-based games, this one is set in a free-combat zone, where you fight enemies using your abilities and throw them off the ledge.

But that is not the actual point of adding this. My Hero Ultra Rumble has a wonderful depiction of the actual manga where each character has devastating powers.

The animators of the game had that same style here, as you can see destruction and environment in its true visuals.

My Hero Ultra Rumble - Best 3D Animated Fighter Anime Game on PC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are 3D Animated Games?

Animated games are interpreted in different meanings: sometimes they are taken as anime games, while other times they represent cartoonish games. While every game is basically animated and 3D as well, mostly they are taken as cartoonish games including animes that are cartoonish.

Which is the Best Animated PC Anime game of 2023?

One Piece Odyssey is regarded as the best anime game of 2023 without a doubt.

Which is the Best PC Animated game of 2023?

There is no competition with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom when we are talking about the best 3D Animated Cartoonish games to exist as of now.

Which is the Best PC Animated Role-Playing Game of 2023?

The best animated role-playing game of 2023 is definitely Honkai Star Rail, developed by Hoyoverse, who made the legendary Gacha game Genshin Impact.

Which is the Best Animated Fighter Game of 2023 on PC?

It has to be Street Fighter 6, as it is one of the best fighter games of 2023 and also has the best animations in all of the fighter games out there.

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