5 Jackie Chan movies that will make u fall for Kung Fu

If you know Jackie Chan then definitely you are familiar with the term Kung Fu. Here are the top 5 Jackie Chan movies that will make you fall for kung fu, you might get up and kick someone.

Karate Kid

It was released in 2010 starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Positively criticized this movie gained and attracted the attention of many people. The movie focuses on a kid who moves to China with her mother and soon finds himself in trouble with a group of kids. Jackie Chan plays as a maintenance man who helps the kid to learn Kung fu. During the lessons, he tells him that Kung Fu stands for making peace with your enemy and forgiveness which helped many people especially American viewers understand the true meaning of Kung Fu. Enough reason to thank Jackie Chan for this.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a comedy action movie starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Jackie Chan plays a Chinese inspector who is also close to the Chinese Diplomat. For bringing back the kidnapped daughter of Chinese diplomat Chan teams up with the FBI agent played by Chris, making movie funny and intense at the same time, the movie showed amazing skills of Chan with the hint of humor making it all time favorite. It also did well on Box office.

The Tuxedo

The movie focuses on cab driver Jimmy who starts to work for the playboy millionaire Clark Devlin. He is friendly towards Jimmy but he has one rule, never touch his tuxedo.  But when in accident Clerk becomes injured Jimmy is forced to wear his tuxedo and soon finds out that whoever wears it becomes Kung fu master. Not only the idea of the movie is unique and got praised by many. It demonstrated Chan’s abilities and kung fu skills amazingly.

 Around the World in 80 days

When the Victorian scientist Phi leas are challenged by his fellow scientist to travel the world in 80 days, he accepts the challenge of grabbing his loyal servant (JC) and a beautiful navigator with him. His servant lies about his true identity and during the journey he comes across some trouble while completing the challenge and fighting bad enemies Chan demonstrates his unbelievable Kung Fu skills. The movie gained a lot of praise and Chan’s character was much appreciated as well.

Shanghai Noon: Jackie Chan Action Movie

The movie starred Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Chan plays as an imperial guard in the Forbidden City of China. When the princess Pei is kidnapped, Chan’s character takes the responsibility to bring her back. He groups up with occasional cowboy who is thirsty to make money. Soon they become the good pals.

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