Top 5 shows like The Vampire Diaries that are full of Mystery.

The Vampire Diaries is a show which is full of mystery and drama. the show has some loyal fan base. Our favorite show ended almost 2 years ago. But it is still missed by the fans.

You do not need to worry. We have arranged the top 5 shows like vampire diaries. We will reveal the names without giving away spoilers. So get ready to get lost in the Fictional Wolrd.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries (2009)
Source: Imbd

The Originals: TVD spinoff Show

How can we forget about The Originals? The vampire diaries is a parent show of the series. The originals have a few plot similarities with the vampire diaries. But the originals have their own plot story. You do not need to watch the vampire diaries first in order to watch The Originals as the stories are quite different.

It not only the plot that is interesting the way the characters are portrayed is also magnificent.

You may have seen Elijah, Rebecca, Klaus, Finn, and Cole on Tvd. But the originals will describe the stories of these characters interestingly.

Bonnie Bennet was the only witch left on The vampire diaries and the poor sad character sued to do all the dirty work for our favorite characters. But do not worry the originals are packed with witches. You will see a great deal of action in the series when it comes to witches.

True Blood: Best Vampire Mystery Show

True blood has a great rating on Imbd. It was released in 2008 way much before the vampire diaries. Many people believe that this was the show which inspired directors and writers to create something like The vampire diaries.

The story of the show is amazingly interesting. The vampire can live without the human blood as they have synthetic blood to keep them going (sounds less horror).

But the are still some manic vampires who are thirsty for Human blood.

we will not open up of there are witches in the show but there is a waitress in the show how falls for a vampire. She has the ability to read other people’s minds.

True blood has also a never-ending drama and many plot twists as well. It will surely make you miss the Tvd.

It was an HBO original series. It has great set production and directors as well.

Bluffy The Vampire slayer

The series was released in 1997. But it still fans favorite of many people and they believe that nobody can ever make a remake of this show.

You may want to see something different and interesting in the vampire world? what about a deadly Vampire hunter who will never stop falls for the vampire? Sounds so difficult and interesting at the same time.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is stunning and legendary in the show. However, the show does not have special effects and editing like the drama serials in the 2000s. But the show is worth watching if you are into vampires and hunters.

We hope that someday directors will make a remake of this TV show. So the new generation can also see this masterpiece.

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf became famous because of its male cast and their good acting skills. Tyler Posey and Dylan O Brien started their careers in this show. Their acting skills in this series bare worth every single penny director spent in making this masterpiece.

The plot of the teen wolf does not have any apparent Vampires but they do have many wolves and other scary creatures. Teen wolf is still fan favorite of many people. Teen wolf is a perfect choice if you want to see something good and thrilling this year. Do not miss out on this masterpiece and add it to your list right now.

We strongly recommend this TV show as it has a great lesson of becoming the best version of yourself and you will be blessed with unexpected. Just like Scott got blessed with.

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The Order

Well The order is not Quite based on Vampires but it does have werewolves and witches. The series is a Netflix Original and it does have a good rating.

The plot might be a little unique and new for you. A guy named Jack Morton goes to the university named Belgrave. It was his mother’s dream he wanted to fulfill. But the plot becomes strange when we realize that Jack Morton is only here for the Sorority named Blue Rose. The sorority challenges its members to go through some difficult task which can also cost them their lives.

it’s not only the shady society is also something related to his and grandfather. We admit Jack’s grandfather is a crack for sure.

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