Top Mystery Movies that you should watch

Mystery movies can be a good source of knowledge and entertainment as well. Hollywood is filled with these kinds of movies Mystery movies can really trick your mind and can be a way to judge our intellectual power as well.

You might have seen many mystery movies and we bet that you might have missed the subliminal message behind them too.

Hollywood is greatly filled with this kind of movies and many of them have also received many awards for their captivating and smart plot.

Now You See Me: Magic Mystery

Now you see me was released back in 2013. The movie has a very great plot and a message in the movie as well. The movie got a lot of praise for its smart plot and twisting cultural and religious believes into something smart that supported the movie plot.

Release year2013
Time Duration1h 41m
Director Louis Leterrier
StarringDave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Jese Eisenberg

The Plot:

The plot of the movie is simple four magician tricks and shocks people in the magic how mostly retrieving and bestowing them with their money from the rich people and companies that denied their rights at first.

They organize a show, creates an illusion and a little bit of madness to fool the people. The police officer played by Mark Ruffalo chases the gang to arrest them and brain the answeres.

Connection with Illuminati

The movie was praised and took ait as humor too, at the end of the movie it is shown that all the four magicians were part of an organization that seems similar to the Iluumanti’s and the officer played by Mark Ruffalo was part of it as well.

Movie Reviews:

Now You See Me” is, in its best moments, hugely entertaining. Large-scale tricks unveiled in Vegas, New Orleans, and NYC’s graffiti mecca, Five Points, are a visual delight.

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S. Jhoanna Robledo
Common Sense MediaThe film has a novel and promising premise. It works as a crime-thriller.Full review

Times of India

Magicians as criminals is a marvelous conceit and Louis Leterrier gets a great deal of entertainment out of it, but it can’t disguise a weak end with smoke and mirrors.

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Olly Richards

When four master magicians team up and start staging massive robberies—then giving the money away—no one’s quite sure how they’re doing it … or why.

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Adam R. Holz
Plugged In

This film makes for pretty good popcorn entertainment – and (almost) demonstrates that Hollywood movies can still entrance, even in the age of frantic blockbusters stuffed full with hollow eye candy. Full review

Sandy Schaefer
Screen Rant

V for Vendetta

V for vendetta is another remarkable mystery movie that was created in 2005. The movie gained a lot of praise for its uniqueness.

Release year2005
Time Duration1h 41m
Director James McTeigue
StarringNatalie Portman, Hugo Weaving

The Plot:

The masked man uses terrorism against the oppressor of London. He saves the life a young woman using her as a bait in his schemes.

The movie’s plot has been written by skill and smartness. The movie perfectly reflects the situation of the present world. The oppressor is willing to go to the heights of extreme to prove his point to the government. The masked man who calls himself V will not stop at any point

The reviews:

Setting out more to challenge us with its ideas than make us whoop at the action, Vendetta can be clumsy, but there are enough impressive flourishes to make up for its stumblings.

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Dan Jolin

A mysteriously masked Hugo Weaving enlists Natalie Portman’s help to overthrow a totalitarian British government in the year 2020. (From the minds behind ‘The Matrix.’)

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Adam R. Holz
Plugged In

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