Top Useless Websites for Your Boredom

Top Useless Websites for Your Boredom

The Internet is truly a never-ending ocean of knowledge, but on the other side, it has equal useless things to waste your time on. Some use these useless things when they feel utterly bored. Well, among these things are Useless Websites that are made just to uplift your mood, and waste your endless hours of boredom.

WWW or World Wide Web has an infinite source of knowledge for the users who want to take it. Either you are going for AI, learning your favorite subject, solving a problem, taking on jobs, changing your personality, or even wasting your precious time.

Ranging from the field of politics, finances, and technology to gaming, traveling, and so on, you’re bound to find the thing you are looking for. But, even with all of these things, you might sometimes feel down, or bored enough to just sit there and have nothing to do.

At that time, you want something totally silly, useless, or unique to uplift your mood, helping you in that endless loop of Boredom. With that being said, we know what you are looking for here “Top Useless Websites for Your Boredom”

Dino Game 2024

Dive into the world of the famous no-internet Dino game from Google Chrome right here on our website. Whether you’re looking to kill time or challenge your friends to beat your high score, provides a seamless and enjoyable gaming environment. With simple controls and endless fun, join the dino in its quest to avoid obstacles and conquer the desert landscape. No internet? No problem! Just head over to and let the gaming adventure begin!

Top Useless Websites for Your Boredom

Play 2048

Does your Brain need something difficult, hard, and also something that is completely fun to do? Well, Play 2048 is one of the Top Useless Sites in which you play a mathematical puzzle game where you connect tiles having the same digits.

When you join the same digit tiles, they add together, converting to a single tile with the sum of both. Just as the name suggests, you will win, when the final move adds to be 2048. It is basically “Join the Tiles, Get 2048”.

Play 2048 - A Useless Website where you add blocks and make 2048 number in the end.


You might actually lose your mind on this one. There is a community on the internet that actually allows the other users of WindowSwap to open a new window anywhere and peek into a window created by other people.

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. It isn’t a game, or a virtual window, but rather a real window of real people. You can also contribute to this society by allowing others to peek into your window.

WindowSwap - A Useless Website to open random window and see the other side.

The Neal Fun Deep Sea

Have you ever wondered what’re the secrets of the ocean, all the life forms, and the massive creatures it holds? Well, you don’t have to because The Neal Fun Deep Sea is a Top Useless Website to kill your Boredeom in an instant.

It will allow you to scroll yourself to the underwater body, going into the depths of the Mariana Trench, and finding all the life forms that live there, from the smallest to the largest.

The Neal Fun Deep Sea - A Useless Website to help you get to the depths of ocean, understanding the fishies.

Quick Draw

Google has been known to make some very Useless Sites just for fun, and one of them is Google’s Quick Draw. Just as the name suggests, you draw something quickly without all the details and let the AI identify it. It could be a depiction of an item, or a concept itself.

Well, that was not the fun part, rather the fun part is that Artificial Intelligence learns with each drawing, getting better and coming closer to future events.

Quick Draw - A Useless Website by Google to let AI Guess the Image being Drawn

The Zen Zone

If you don’t want something chaotic, or informational, and want to simply be in the “Better Zone”, then there is a Useless Website that goes by the name of The Zen Zone.

You don’t need a professional Meditation Program, because with the Zen Zone, you have an active program giving you a betterment for the psychological, and emotional health.

The Zen Zone - A Useless Website to help you with Emotions and Personality

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