What is Trending Frog Costume Solute Video on TikTok

What is Trending Frog Costume Solute Video on TikTok

Recently, there has been a viral TikTok Frog Costume Video where the person in that costume solutes people back who solute him. If you are a regular TikTok user, you might have seen that video somewhere. Here’s every detail on What is Trending Frog Costume Solute Video on TikTok.

There is a Chinese App known as Douyin, which is exactly like TikTok. Multiple aur singular people in Frog Costumes are in that video. When someone solutes them, they solute back.

In some videos, there are even Frog Costume people who have sticks with inflatable Frog Balloons or toys.

What is Trending Frog Costume Solute Video on TikTok

So, the thing is that this whole video is a prank. One person is making a video of a person in a Frog Costume having Inflatable Frog Balloons. Someone comes to them, solutes the Frog Costume, and steals the Inflatable Frog Balloons or Toys.

This Frog Costume on TikTok is from a Chinese Street Vendor and they sell the Frog Toys in public. Frog Costumes are viral in China, especially in a public city like Shanghai.

The official of Shanghai City asked the person to remove his Frog Costume because he violated the regulations of selling toys without authorization.

This Viral Video was shot on Sina Weibo, which is quite similar to Twitter and only available in China. Someone shot a person wearing Frog Costume selling toys on the street and was found crying at night time.

Another incident was also found where a resident having the same Frog Costume was fined 20 Yuan for not wearing a helmet.

This started the Trending Frog Costume Solute Video on TikTok.


The frog accidentally kicked the child while saluting!#respect #fypシ #frog #happy #funny

♬ original sound – Frog anecdotes

The Verdict

Compiling everything up: The Frog Costume Trend on TikTok started in China through the Chinese version of TikTok and Twitter. Multiple videos with people wearing Frog Costumes and selling Frog Inflatable Balloons were found making their way to the internet and becoming viral.

Trending Frog Costume Solute Video on TikTok is the starting here where a person soluted Frog Costume wearing vendor on the street and steals the Inflatable Frog Balloons, which was a prank. It had around 120 Million Views. It is known as Frog Anecdotes.

Vendors were wearing it way back, but Frog Solute originated from the Japanese Manga Series Keroro (Sgt. Frog). Keroro performs solute.

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