TVD Ending Explained: What happened to Damon and Elena?

TVD ended three years ago in 2017, showing that Elena finally found peace after living an amazing life. Elena, played by Nina Dobrev left the show in 2015. After 2 years, she made an appearance in the final season of TVD. Rumors suggest that she was in a very serious relationship with Ian Somerhalder, and when she broke up with him, things became pretty awkward since they were in a relationship in the show. Most people say that this was the reason behind her leaving. However, Nina declined this and said:

I always knew I wanted Elena’s story to be a six-season adventure, and within those six years, I got the journey of a lifetime.

Delena deserved more screen time, fans were quite disappointed because they didn’t get to see Delena in Season 7 and Season 8. Producers managed to pull this show off without Nina by showing her in a state of coma, linked to Bonnie, in Season 6 Episode 22 of TVD. Kai Parker links Bonnie’s life to Elena when Bonnie dies Elena would wake up. Damon was given a choice between Bonnie and Elena, he chose to save Bonnie. This was the last episode in which Nina Dobrev makes an appearance before the official TVD Ending.

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TVD Ending Explained: What happened to Damon and Elena?

What happened to Elena and Damon in TVD Ending?

In the last episode of TVD Season 8, Bonnie takes on Hellfire all by herself. Bonnie finally gives up, at that moment Enzo shows up telling her she can do anything, spirits of all the Bennett witches also shows up to help Bonnie. She finally manages to win against Hellfire. Damon was supposed to die with Katherine, however, compelling Stefan doesn’t work since he was on vervain.

Stefan and Damon in TVD ENDING

Stefan injects Damon with his blood making him mortal again and takes his place on the highway of the hellfire. Stefan then shows up in Elena’s mind saying Goodbye for the one last time. Lexi and Stefan promised each other that they will find peace together, and they finally did in the TVD Ending. Bonnie Bennett finally finds a loophole to the spell that was keeping Elena in the state of Coma. Elena wakes up and tells Caroline that Stefan said: “He heard it”. Elena then reconnects with Damon, giving one final kiss in TVD Ending.

They then fast-forward the episode to the point where Elena has lived her life as a human and finally achieves peace. Yes, she dies but after living an epic life with Damon. Damon always thought that he is irredeemable but Elena shows us a sign that he also found peace.

He’s wrong. Because I know peace exists. It lives in everyone we hold dear. That is the promise of peace. That one day, after a long life, we find each other again.

Elena after waking up finally lives the life she always dreamed about. She joins a medical college and after graduating opens a clinic with Dr. Elena Salvatore’s name on it. Also, Elena and Damon had kids too, which was revealed in an episode of Legacies, a spin-off of TVD and The Originals. It is pretty obvious Damon met Stefan in the after-life because we got to hear “hello, brother” one last time in the TVD ending.

Is Damon going to make an appearance in Legacies?

Elena and Damon both are alive in the spin-off series Legacies, and there are chances that Ian Somerhalder will make an appearance as Damon Salvatore.

Who else found peace?

  • Liz Forbes.
  • Vicky Donovan.
  • Tyler Lockwood.
  • Lexi.
  • Jenna Sommers.
  • John Gilbert.
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