Twitter Communities: A Feature to Share Tweets with Specific Audiences

Twitter Communities: A Feature to Share Tweets with Specific Audiences

Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media networks in the world based on active users. It may be a helpful place for following breaking news and maintaining what the folks you’re already interested in are doing. The lack of discovery features and organized community spaces make it difficult to connect with people you aren’t actively looking for.

The company is brooding about ever-changing that. Its latest experiment, known as Communities, is meant to make it simple to attach around shared interests. Twitter stated that Twitter Communities is a method to encourage healthy chit-chat. 

Twitter has announced this universal feature of “Communities” on Wednesday 8th Sept 2021: A characteristic similar to Facebook groups that allow users to tweet individuals who share-alike interests.

Users will be able to tweet straight to a particular group rather than all of their followers. On the other hand, Community pages and timelines will be open to the public. Now, anybody may read, cite, and report community tweets. 

With this latest feature, Twitter helps people search communities that share their interests and create a more intimate space for discussion, the company quoted in a statement. Once you have joined a Twitter Community, you can easily send tweets to that group of people and access a “Home” stream of information that includes contributions from other members.

Dogs, weather, footwear, skincare, and astrology are among the topics highlighted in the first Twitter Communities. Presently, the ability to create communities is limited. The Social Media platforms will generate more in the coming months. It will continue to enhance eligibility requirements with the development and moderation of communities to more people.

Twitter Communities: A Feature to Share Tweets with Specific Audiences

Twitter Communities: A Rival to Facebook Groups and Reddit

Unlike private and confidential Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, invite-only subreddits, or private chat channels on platforms such as Slack, Communities will be publicly available. Furthermore, non-members will be permitted to monitor conversations but not directly participate. 

They can quote-tweet Community postings to their followers and report offensive content, just like they can with non-Community tweets. Twitter welcomes the Community moderators and gives them the freedom to choose the focus topic and ask people to participate in the discussions. Besides this, the moderators can write Community rules.

The brand new feature “Communities” is an evident move for Twitter, considering its users have long formed specialty groups around specific interests like media and cryptocurrency. Twitter is currently formalizing that dynamic into a product that it organizes to eventually put front and center on the navigation bar of its mobile app. 

Full support for Twitter Communities is accessible at launch to users on iOS and the web. Android users can read Community tweets, plainly the app of the Android version doesn’t support full functionality. A dedicated tab in the bottom navigation bar of the iOS allows you to browse Twitter Communities. 

If you don’t see it yet, make sure you have the most recent version of Twitter installed from the App Store or Google Play Store. The deployment appears in stages, so it may take some time for the new Communities feature to reach your account.

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