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How to use Twitter Stories Feature if it’s not available

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform that was founded back in 2006. The founder of Twitter is Jack Dorsey. It covers up from breaking news to every type of entertainment and support news. Nowadays, its trending feature is used for protests and for a voice to be heard around the world. Twitter Stories Feature has arrived on Twitter but only in India yet, which is similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories. Twitter is a bit late because this feature is now pretty old. Snapchat first introduced this feature with its release and Facebook copied it later on after Snapchat rejected Facebook offer. On Tuesday, Twitter said that they are coming with a feature “Fleets” which they named this feature.

The Fleet feature is now available in India. However, Twitter says they are still testing this feature. These are not private stories but they are less accessible to the world. Like Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, Fleet will also disappear after 24 hours. People will be able to react on Twitter Stories Feature also known as Fleet and DM people through that.

We’re testing a way for you to think out loud without the Likes, Retweets, or replies, called Fleets! Best part? They disappear after 24 hours

Twitter India, Source Tech Crunch

Since, it’s still in the testing phase, nobody is sure if Twitter is going to make it worldwide or not. India is considered to be world’s second largest internet market, Twitter had 55 million active users in India in April. Keeping that in mind, Twitter only made this feature available in India.

How to use Twitter Stories Feature Outside India

Since it’s pretty much unclear that if they are going to release this feature officially worldwide or not. Don’t miss the chance to use it while you can even if you are not living in India.

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If you want to try this feature out follow these simple steps.

  • Clear Twitter’s data from your phone.
  • Download a VPN that has region India on it.
  • After downloading, open it, and change the region to India.
  • Go to Settings and time zone, change region to India.
  • Log in to your twitter account again.
  • Now you can use the Twitter Stories Feature a.k.a Fleets.
Twitter Stories Feature Fleets
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