Avengers Time Loop theory

Two Captain Americas in MCU: Time Loop Theory

Since the Avengers Endgame was released fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite characters. Tony Stark and Captain America were the two characters that nobody thought would leave the universe this early. Christopher Markus has hinted towards a potential Captain America return plot. Fans are truly excited after his comments. But it does not mean that they are completely gone from the MCU world. There is still hope for their characters and there are many theories and plots through which they can be brought back. It is hard to forget a character like Captain America and Chris Evans played the role remarkably. But he is paying attention to different roles. He always wanted to do unique roles. He also appeared in movies like Knives out and his acting skills are better than ever. Chris Evans has not said anything about the return but he has mentioned numerous times that he is interested in new possibilities but not now. He said during his interview with Variety:

“You never say never. I love the character. I don’t know. It’s not a hard no, but it’s not an eager yes either.”

Time Loop Theory

Time Loop and Peggy [Theories]

Captain America can go back into time and reunite with his love interest, Peggy. There can be two Captain America’s in the Marvel Universe. Fans believe that there was a man with grey hair and looked like Captian America’s old version at the funeral of Peggy. Fans are assisting that they would like to see this theory become reality. This way we can see the whole story about Steve Rogers’s past as well. This way Captain America will also be the part of Marvel Universe. Christopher Markus’s writer of Captain America movies also hinted that there might be two Captain America’s in the Marvel Universe. To him, the idea seems terrific.

Doctor Strange 2 Can Bring Iron Man Back

He expressed his thoughts during Comic Con:

I would like to believe that through some sort of bulls**t time loop paradox — throw in the words you use when you’re bulls***ting science in a movie: ‘some sort of quantum paradox’ — that there are indeed two Captain Americas in the MCU timeline,”

He continued his thought on the matter:

That Steve Rogers who looped back into time has therefore always been there, and that he is living somewhere else in the movies you’re watching.”

Theories related to Time Loop and Peggy

They can bring a lot of dead characters

Not only Captain America can be brought back into the Marvel universe. There are many dead characters that can make a come back as well. There are rumors that Iron Man might be coming back through Doctor Strange sequel. However, there is no confirmation from Kevin Feige or Disney yet. But there is a possibility that they might bring our favorite characters one way or another.

Doctor Strange 2 will be in theaters in 2021. Kevin Feige hinted that we are going to see some similar faces in the movie. It is not confirmed if it will be Captain America or Iron Man.

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