Tyler Posey wants Teen wolf Reunion

Tyler Posey wants Teen Wolf Reunion, the response from MTV. Teen Wolf Reboot?

Teen Wolf was released in 2011 on MTV. It became fan-favorite instantly because of the attractive cast and of course, the plot attracted a lot of audiences. It is one of the best shows on MTV. The show ended back in 2017 months after another supernatural vampire based series that everybody loves “The vampire Diaries” for fans all around the world.

A lot of shows are getting spin-off and reunions so it seems like Teen Wolf also deserves a reunion.

Both the shows are available on Netflix and they are still watched by millions of people all around the world. Tyler posey who played Scott Mcall has been very vocal about how he wants another season of teen wolf and he would be glad to do another season of the show. The show brought a lot of fame to the main actors and they all are doing good projects there days. Tyler Posey was recently seen in a movie with Lucy Hale( pretty little liars). Truth and dare received a lot of positive reviews.

Dylan O’Brien who played the role of Stiles Stillinski rarely spoke about the spin-off or about a reunion but fans are sure that he would be thrilled by the idea. He appeared on the Maze Runner film series and he also appeared in the movie American Assassin. He got a lot of praise for the movie.

Tyler Posey Tweet

Tyler Posey Tweet

Tyler Posey recently tweeted and his tweet got fans all around the world excited. He even got a response from the official MTV Twitter account.

He expressed in his tweet how he would like a reunion after Jersey Shore got a reunion.

He also joked about his age and how he would like a high school reunion.

‘First Jersey shore family vacation. Now teen wolf high school reunion. I’m ready. And 28 so it’s an appropriate age’

This tweet immediately became famous on twitter and it was liked by 106k people which means, the fans of the show are still around and would like a reunion of the show as well.

Response from the other cast

The other cast of the show became excited as well and supported Tyler for his idea. It seems like the whole cast is on-board for the show to be back.

Cody Christian responded with his tweet “I’m so down”. Khylin Rhambi also tweets ” Count me tf in “.

However, MTV responded with their tweet “I wish I possessed the power“. It seems like it will take a little time to make Tyler Posey’s wish to come true. However, fans are waiting for a reunion.

Interview with Fuse

Two tears ago Tyler posey showed the same enthusiasm for another season of the show. In his lie detector test interview with fuse when he was asked about whether he would like to do another season of the show. He immediately responded that he would love to do it.

Fans Reactions

It took minutes for the fans to respond to the tweet. Fangirls bombarded Twitter with their tweets.

Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Reboot or Sequel

The last episode was aired in 2017, the fans are hoping for a reboot, even the cast wants a reboot. So there is a chance maybe it will happen someday.

Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Reboot or Sequel

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.