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How to Unlock All Eren Jaeger Quests in Fortnite

With the new updates rolling out, Fortnite just went crazy. They introduced new Mythics here and Eren Jaeger is one of them. There are multiple quests along with this AOT main character here, but players are having trouble finding all of them. Don’t worry, here’s How to Unlock All Eren Jaeger Quests in Fortnite.

All Eren Jaeger Quests in Fortnite

Why Complete Eren Jaeger Quests?

In order to get the skin itself, you will have to first find all the quests and complete them one by one. After you have completed all the quests, you will be awarded with the Eren Jaeger Skin in Fortnite, which is feat on itself.

All Eren Jaeger Quests in Fortnite

  • Search 3 Scout Regiment Footlockers
  • Using ODM Gear Swing From 3 Different Trees in a Row
  • Visit the 5 Guard Towers
  • Hit the Nape of 4 Different Titans with the Attack of ODM Gear
  • Hit 7 enemies with attack of ODM Gear or your Thunder Spear
  • Using Thunder Spear, Destroy 50 Structures
  • In Airborne, Damage 300 Opponents
  • In the Anvil Square, find the Jaeger’s Family Basement


That’s How to Unlock All Eren Jaeger Quests in Fortnite. There are 8 total quests that you have to complete in Fortnite in order to get the Eren Jaeger Skin. We mentioned what you have to do in all of those, so that’s pretty much it!

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